How Prime Media & Entertainment leads the way for DOOH in Guatemala

June 23, 2021Rob Côté

In bustling urban centres, digital out-of-home signage has proven to be one of the most powerful tools that businesses, governments, and other entities can use to reach a mass audience. More companies than ever are beginning to explore the medium, harnessing its potential in ways traditional media simply can’t match.

While some are just now learning about DOOH’s capabilities, Prime Media & Entertainment is ahead of the curve. Having helped kick off the digital trend over a decade ago, Guatemala-based Prime Media & Entertainment are DOOH pioneers in their country, with a vast — and continually-growing — digital network to their credit. Their mission is to help brands and agencies recognize and benefit from all of digital media’s capabilities.

Digital from day one

Prime Media installed their first digital billboards in 2007, the first business in Guatemala to do so. Their pioneering vision meant they could secure prime advertising real estate in high-traffic areas, helping them solidify their position as market leaders in their region.

Over the years, Prime Media’s operations have grown considerably. Starting out with nine large-format spectaculars and operating under the name Tedimedia S.A., Prime Media soon solidified its leadership position in Guatemala with the acquisition of Ongoing S.A., the number two OOH business in the country.

Just recently, Prime made yet another big acquisition, buying up Color Media and, in the process, becoming the largest DOOH company in Guatemala. It now operates a circuit of the country’s most impressive spectacular displays, reaching more than 4.8 million daily impressions across some of the country’s most premium locations.

Prime Media’s network generates impressions across Guatemala’s most premium locations

Prime M & E also offers content creation and digital marketing services to companies looking for help bringing their digital signage ideas to life. This comprehensive range of services has helped the 200 or so local and international brands they partner with reach new audiences in and around Guatemala City.

From specific advertisements to sustained partnerships, Prime Media’s content mix is wide-ranging. They have also partnered with humanitarian and emergency agencies, enabling their screens to broadcast life-saving content when it’s most needed, such as during the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020.

When COVID-19 changed the world almost overnight, early adopters of digital screens like Prime Media found themselves better positioned to safely and efficiently reach audiences while using screens to amplify important messaging around health, safety, and other government communications. More brands were reluctant to spend on print during the pandemic, which gave companies who invested in DOOH a competitive edge.

Plotting the next steps

When you’re already at the top of your game the way Prime Media is, the only place to go is even higher. Looking ahead at the new year and beyond, Prime Media hopes to increase their already dominant presence, adding another 15 billboards to their inventory, increasing their total number to 40 by 2022.

With this, Prime aims to build the most robust DOOH network in the region, one that is capable of delivering high-impact impressions for any advertiser.

Prime Media is building a network to deliver results for any advertiser

Broadsign & Prime Media

To achieve their expansion goals, Prime Media needed to partner with industry leaders. Broadsign’s scale, size, and unparalleled experience made it the logical choice of software provider.

As a first step, Prime Media wants to improve the level of data it pulls in across its network, and the Broadsign platform’s support for audience analytics tools will allow them to do that. Prime will also use Broadsign Direct to improve its sales process, empowering its sales team and customers alike to transact more easily and put data at the heart of more of the campaigns they make. They also look forward to serving their client base with more personalized strategies and higher-impact content by making use of Broadsign’s dynamic content scheduling and playback.

Finally, Broadsign’s detailed campaign performance reports promise a significant upgrade for Prime Media, and offers to their clients a clearer understanding of the results of their spending. Prime’s mindset isn’t just to encourage their customers to migrate to DOOH but also to showcase how buyers can intelligently invest their budgets in the digital space.

In a region that still relies on print billboards and has been reluctant to get started with digital, Prime Media is excited to work with Broadsign tol usher in a new era and help sow a sense of confidence in digital outdoor media.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

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