How Summit Outdoor Media is delivering OOH advertising solutions to audiences in the Philippines 

June 28, 2023Kristen Theodore

According to OOH.PH, an outlet dedicated to covering the out-of-home industry in the Philippines, outdoor advertising is a popular format among advertisers and audiences thanks to its visual and in-your-face presence. Besides being highly visible, it’s more affordable than other formats like TV and radio, leading to a rise in OOH advertising across the Philippines.

This popularity is driving the success of regional media owners like Summit Outdoor Media, a company that operates a vast inventory of screens. Summit Outdoor Media is committed to helping brands and advertisers reach audiences “dynamically, efficiently, and consistently” by bringing innovative campaigns to life with the help of Broadsign’s suite of solutions.

Taking outdoor advertising to the top 

Established in 2000, Summit Outdoor Media (formerly Summit Billboard) is a leading out-of-home service provider in the Philippines and is the outdoor advertising division of Summit Media, which owns and operates various properties in the country.

Headquartered in the city of Mandaluyong with a satellite office in Cebu, Summit Outdoor Media provides customers with ways to reach audiences through a mix of traditional and digital outdoor advertising. Nowadays, its vast inventory is strategically located and scattered across various environments like roadways, malls, and transit networks, ranging from large-screen LED video billboards to small lamp post banners. No matter the screen’s size and location, the company’s promise is firm: to offer clients the broadest possible range of outdoor ad inventory while delivering on quantity, quality, and availability. As one of the largest OOH media operators in the region, Summit Outdoor Media is making good on that promise.

In addition to offering such widespread availability, the company’s entry into the world of digital out-of-home means clients can expect to benefit from some pretty exciting capabilities,  including anonymized data tracking that registers and analyzes audience behavior within site locations. Moreover, it’s also begun to leverage dynamic and contextual capabilities such as weather or traffic triggers to provide audiences with a more up-to-the-minute and accurate reflection of their realities.

Throughout its 20-year history, Summit Outdoor Media has partnered with some household brand names, including Jollibee, IKEA, and countless others across various industries.

Harnessing the power of DOOH to create compelling experiences

The Philippine outdoor advertising market is evolving, and cutting-edge LED technology and programmatic advertising capabilities are entering the mainstream. To stay current with all the latest trends in DOOH advertising, Summit Outdoor Media adopted the Broadsign suite. With these sophisticated tools, the media owner will beagle to scale and transform their offering. 

It’s a partnership made for prosperity. “Broadsign’s industry-leading technology and Summit Outdoor Media’s extensive network of premium and iconic digital displays and traditional billboards means clients are poised to benefit from transformative executions and campaigns,” says Abigail A. Pe Aguirre, Deputy Head for Outdoor, Summit Outdoor Media.

Why Broadsign? With growth on the horizon, Summit Outdoor Media sought technology to support its expanding network, so it turned to the Broadsign Platform. 

Ultimately, partnering with the leading digital signage software is a move that puts the media owner’s clients first, providing them with user-friendly tools capable of reaching mass audiences. 

Furthermore, it maximizes its offering, making more advanced technological solutions available to a broader range of customers. 

“This partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence,” says Abigail A. Pe Aguirre, the Deputy Head for Outdoor at Summit Outdoor Media. 

Onboarding Broadsign will be pivotal in helping Summit Outdoor Media manage its content and optimize ad campaigns across its broad range of OOH advertising inventory, predominantly in large-scale LED video billboards scattered across prime roadways in the country’s major cities and markets.

Besides that, Broadsign’s end-to-end solutions offer the potential for scalability. As their network blossoms, they can trust content management systems to automate workflows and ensure the right content is displayed at the right time. Then, there’s the follow-up: campaign reporting showcases to Summit Outdoor Media’s clients that partnering with them means in-depth insights into campaign performance.

Furthermore, as they continue to peddle in programmatic DOOH, Broadsign’s user-friendly supply-side platform offers a more efficient way to sell more inventory programmatically—much to the delight of the media owners and their customers, who want to 

 With a partnership with a leading digital signage solutions provider like Broadsign, there’s no telling what heights Summit Outdoor Media will reach.

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