Spotlight on Displayce DSP: Navigating the programmatic landscape in digital out-of-home

February 14, 2024Kayla Caticchio

Continuing its growth in the advertising world, programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) remains a pivotal avenue for brands and agencies to engage with their audiences. One platform working to connect advertisers to media owners programmatically is Displayce, a demand-side platform (DSP) that helps to create, distribute, and optimize DOOH campaigns in real-time. 

Based in Bordeaux, France, Displayce’s programmatic platform enables access to a network of over 1 million billboards across more than 70 countries, allowing brands to run pDOOH campaigns in premium formats within targeted environments and to large audiences. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Displayce’s team is now made up of 40 DOOH experts and has established offices in key European regions like France, Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands to deliver premium support to clients within their respective regions.

In 2019, the DSP partnered with Broadsign, granting media buyers access to premium global DOOH inventory through Broadsign’s supply-side platform (SSP). The strategic alliance with JCDecaux since July 2022 has further strengthened its position, providing the means to accelerate its development and reach new heights in the industry.

Advanced technology for a dynamic pDOOH landscape 

Displayce’s platform aims to make pDOOH media more accessible, audience-centric, and efficient within the broader advertising industry. “In the past, pDOOH was predominantly embraced by early adopters and tech-savvy individuals. Today, we’re finding ourselves at a pivotal point where we have to showcase its simplicity and effectiveness to bring it to the mainstream media landscape,” says Emma Labrador, Chief Marketing Officer at Displayce. “We actively empower clients to elevate their outreach and engagement by seamlessly integrating the medium into their cross-channel strategies.”

Built on proprietary technology designed to meet the unique requirements of pDOOH, Displayce has recently implemented a dedicated bidder exclusively for DOOH to deliver a targeted and efficient response to buyers’ needs. Insight Explorer, the platform’s campaign interface, enables users to build, forecast, and explore campaigns based on reliable data available in real-time. Additionally, Displayce offers a troubleshooting module tailored to pDOOH, a functionality that provides a quick and accurate solution to address potential issues, ensuring seamless continuity of campaigns.

Partnering with Broadsign

Running over 1000 campaigns last year, Displayce collaborates with the largest trading desks and top 6 agencies worldwide to bring programmatic DOOH to both OOH and digital specialists. 

By seamlessly integrating with Broadsign’s SSP, Displayce offers its clients immediate access to an expansive network of DOOH inventory. Additionally, the integration introduces media owners on the supply side to new markets. The DSP’s data insights and precise targeting capabilities, combined with Broadsign’s extensive reach, empower advertisers to connect with their desired audiences in a personalized and contextual way, even within a one-to-many medium.

“We chose to collaborate with Broadsign for two pivotal reasons. Firstly, their expansive inventory reach impeccably aligns with our business opportunities, ensuring comprehensive and strategic DOOH coverage. Secondly, our decision was swayed by a shared mindset with Broadsign, particularly in terms of features and our vision for market evolution, helping to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of DOOH campaigns”.

Emma Labrador, Chief Marketing Officer at Displayce

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Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

Content Marketing Manager

Kayla has been a part of Broadsign’s marketing team since 2021, where she specializes in creating content on all things OOH, DOOH, and pDOOH. She spends her free time reading and trying new restaurants.