Spotlight on the Calgary Flames

November 1, 2018Christian Dion

For the last 3 years, the Calgary Flames have been managing marketing and advertising in-house, from creative to execution. While going agency-less means taking back the lead on budget and strategies, it also means finding efficient new processes and cost-effective tools to ensure the success of this organizational change. We recently spoke with Ryan Popowich, Director of Marketing and Promotions for the Calgary Flames, one of our most active users since the launch of the platform.

3 major benefits of using Broadsign Ads?


After bringing all of their marketing back in-house three years ago, it quickly became clear that buying and executing OOH was a laborious process when compared with other online strategies.  The team opted to dramatically scale back on OOH and focus solely on more efficient options – that is, until Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite) came along. After a few people mentioned Broadsign Ads, Ryan and his team decided to try… and it was a perfect match.  According to Ryan, the Flames have now increased their original agency spending by 10%! Being able to geo-target and instantly find all the digital screens in the region with one search, directly upload creative and start their campaigns without any delays has allowed the organization to use OOH in a way that’s comparable to social media – frequent, short-term, highly targeted campaigns, in this case, all to promote local events and ticket sales. When looking at results, CPMs, time and effort to book, it is now a no-brainer for them to continue spending in OOH and increase their spending overall. 


The ease and flexibility offered by Broadsign Ads serve the perfect niche for their four brands. Since they manage different promotions and reach different audiences, they’re able to easily keep track of everything on their dashboard. Not only can they access mobile-data-powered insight to build their campaigns, but they also have access to real-time data to monitor the course of their operations.


The team loves that the platform is accessible 24/7, and that they can edit any aspect of their campaigns as they are running. They can also decide the exact budget they want to spend or even cherry-pick locations. Basically, as Ryan says, their campaigns happen “the way we want to do it, when we want to do it.”

What’s next?

The recent addition of outdoor inventory completes the Broadsign Ads offer for the Flames; Broadsign Ads is now the full package deal! They forecast a new increase in their spending of about 20% in the upcoming months. The team is interested in mobile retargeting possibilities, which every screen in the platform can help accomplish.

NHL Calgary Flames outdoor ad