TAPTAP Digital Teams with Broadsign to Extend Programmatic Omnichannel Offering to Digital-Out-of-Home

October 13, 2020Samantha Brault

MADRID and MONTREAL — October 13, 2020 — TAPTAP Digital and Broadsign today rolled out a new ad tech integration that opens up Broadsign Reach’s global network of programmatic digital-out-of-home (DOOH) inventory and dynamic creative capabilities to media buyers using the Sonata suite of omnichannel advertising solutions. The move combines the Broadsign Reach Supply Side Platform (SSP) with TAPTAP’s Sonata Demand-Side-Platform (DSP) and Data Management Platform (DMP), delivering a full suite of solutions that connects DOOH to other digital channels and uses data to inform DOOH and omnichannel ad planning and measurement.

By combining Sonata’s geospatial intelligence with Broadsign Reach’s rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (API), which offers a more diverse publisher set, detailed screen insights, faster creative upload speeds and more, TAPTAP can deliver an enhanced DOOH experience. TAPTAP clients can now harness Sonata’s extensive data ecosystem for more precise DOOH planning and buying, as well as improved measurement of DOOH coverage and on-target reach. For example, media buyers can use location intelligence, which merges location data with other audience and point of interest dimensions, to make more informed DOOH advertising decisions.

Unlocking new creative opportunities, the combined technologies also allow buyers to incorporate new factors into DOOH activations such as audience analyses and proximity, as well as real-time triggers, including weather, traffic patterns and the time of day, among others. With Broadsign Reach and the introduction of Sonata tools for DOOH buyers such as AI optimization and business intelligence insights, media buyers can also now implement highly efficient DOOH and truly omnichannel campaigns from start to finish.

“Our partnership with Broadsign is a great match for several reasons – all of which lead to more possibilities and better results for our clients. Broadsign has extensive DOOH global supply which is critical for TAPTAP, as we serve media buyers around the world – a large number of whom are based in Europe, South America, North America and Africa,” said Alvaro Mayol , CPO and CTO, TAPTAP Digital. “Additionally, Broadsign’s tools and APIs simplify inventory analysis, audience analysis and creative approval, which very much streamline the process. We are really looking forward to what we can do together.”

“TAPTAP has developed an incredibly robust global omnichannel media buying platform with data and location capabilities that extend far beyond that of traditional DSPs, making it an ideal partner for Broadsign as we expand the Broadsign Reach footprint,” shared Adam Green, SVP and GM, Broadsign Reach. “Advertisers can now harness their incredible technology to deliver more targeted and compelling ads based on real-time conditions, while DOOH publishers on the Broadsign network gain new exposure to omnichannel media buyers who otherwise might not have considered DOOH.”

About TAPTAP Digital

TAPTAP Digital is a global advertising technology company with presence in Europe, Africa, North America and South America. Through its proprietary platform, Sonata, TAPTAP leverages geospatial technology and artificial intelligence for multidimensional audience planning, omnichannel media activation and advanced online and offline measurement. TAPTAP drives transparent, objective and tangible results for global brands and agencies in more than 85 countries.


About Broadsign

Broadsign is making it easier than ever for publishers, agencies and brands to harness the power of out-of-home and connect with audiences across the globe. Powering 187,000 digital screens in transit systems, health clinics, shopping malls, airports, and more, Broadsign is at the heart of people’s lives. The Broadsign platform enables marketers and agencies to easily book screens and has helped brands like Pepsi, Turkish Airlines, The UFC, Unilever, Volkswagen, John Lewis and more, launch successful programmatic DOOH campaigns.