The sky’s the limit for Enmedio, Colombia’s DOOH leaders

March 31, 2021Rob Côté

Enmedio Comunicacion Digital understood the immense possibilities presented by digital out-of-home advertising, seemingly before anyone else in their market. Though their operations launched with a modest inventory of screens, Enmedio has since grown by leaps and bounds, now operating the most extensive digital signage network in their home country and serving customers across a diverse range of industries.

With two divisions under their umbrella, Enmedio credits their foresight with helping them transform the advertising space in Colombia. Before other businesses did so, Enmedio understood and harnessed the power of DOOH. Their competition is still playing catch up.

Breaking new ground in Medellin

Founded in 2006, Colombia-based Enmedio Comunicacion Digital was born out of a trip to Shanghai, China. The founders, three university friends, headed there in search of business ideas to bring back home. In China, they were struck by the ubiquity of digital signage. In restrooms, elevators and office buildings, on roadways and inside malls, digital signage was virtually everywhere. The three saw a massive opportunity to bring this technology back home, where traditional media was very much the standard.

The company started small, installing their first displays in popular bars and restaurants around Medellin, placements that garnered interest from businesses looking to install or begin advertising on digital screens. As excitement around their technology grew, Enmedio’s presence and inventory also increased and they began installing more screens in higher-traffic areas like fitness clubs, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, spas, and universities.

Within three years, their network climbed to more than 300 screens. Next came upgrades. Older displays were replaced by sleeker models, and new capabilities were introduced, like campaign reporting and audience measurement tools such as facial recognition crowd detection.

Over the years, Enmedio’s network of digital displays grew to include many premium locations

New horizons in Colombian DOOH

The improvements proved incredibly appealing to Enmedio’s expanding client base. Looking to expand further, it began offering consulting and integration services to companies interested in pursuing the medium but lacking the resources to invest fully. Through this branch of their business, they can help other companies leverage the power of digital in a manner more cost-effective to them.

Today, Enmedio is split into two separate business units, Enmedio Advertising Network and Enmedio Corporate Network. Each offers a unique set of services tailored to the needs of their diverse and growing clientele.

On the advertising side, Enmedio oversees its own network of screens in many different locations, selling attractive ad space to clients who want to connect with consumers through digital. They even recently launched a proprietary advertising platform, Enmedio Direct, allowing advertisers to buy ad space directly tand bring their digital campaigns to life in minutes, similar to buying ads through Facebook.

Enmedio makes it easy for customers to purchase its premium inventory

And on the corporate side, Enmedio serves as a full-service digital signage operator and integrator, helping these companies create their own digital signage networks. For a monthly fee, they provide the hardware, software, remote management of screens along with content production and management.

Such a comprehensive offering of services means Enmedio is able to give a wide variety of clients exactly what they need from digital signage, all while reinforcing the company’s leadership position in the space.

In 2020, Enmedio reached an important milestone: the company’s inventory surpassed 5,000 screens – 3,000 with the corporate business and 2,000 screens on the advertising side. Across its business, the company generates over 80 million monthly impressions across the six countries it operates out of.

Enmedio has thousands of screens across its two business units

A brighter (and bigger) future

Over 15 years and countless satisfied customers later, Enmedio has built an impressive reputation for themselves — they now operate the largest digital outdoor screen in Colombia and count the most square-metres of LED screens in the country.

As the future quickly approaches, Enmedio hopes to focus its attention on sizing up: large format screens and spectaculars are on the horizon. In the months and years to come, they will also be focusing on expanding their coverage. While the company’s inventory currently spans over 5,000 screens, they hope to double that number over the next few years. With three offices in Medellín, Bogota, and Mexico City in Mexico, Enmedio is looking to broaden its operations into new markets with countries such as Peru, Guatemala, and Chile in its sights.

Enmedio’s premium DOOH presence is set to grow even more in the years to come

Enmedio & Broadsign: Over a decade of delivering results

After several years on the market, in 2009, Enmedio’s team knew they wanted the support of a platform that could meet their business’ needs and skyrocket them to the next level. To manage its large and growing network, they turned to Broadsign.

Given the company’s reach and the fact that it produces thousands of pieces of content per month, efficiency was the top priority. The team would need something that would let it juggle numerous different projects and tasks seamlessly. Today, thanks to the powerful automation and optimization capabilities within Broadsign Control, a team of just three individuals is responsible for programming content for the company’s over 5,000-strong screen network.

Soon, Enmedio will begin offering its inventory programmatically via Broadsign Reach as well, offering greater convenience to buyers and opening up its offerings to a global community of digital buyers. Together, all these different platforms combine to ensure Enmedio can provide the businesses they work with comprehensive solutions and help them effectively reach more people.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

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