Extend the power of Broadsign to your entire signage network

Connect Broadsign Control to any digital signage player on your network with Broadsign Air, our intelligent cloud-based ad server.

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Simplifying operations for your mixed-player network

Say goodbye to multiple content management systems and hello to one centralized operations hub. Broadsign Air is a powerful ad server built to eliminate hardware restrictions by enabling non-Broadsign Players to connect into the world's most trusted OOH ad server and content management system, Broadsign Control.

We get it, sometimes you just need to run another player.

Broadsign Air helps you do just that – without having to compromise on your network operations.

Leverage Broadsign's powerful tech stack to optimize your OOH business

Push campaigns and operate from within one content management system

Add transparent programmatic support to third-party players

Reduce operational overhead and quickly scale your business

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Under the hood: See how Broadsign Air works

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Not running your network on Broadsign Control yet?

Seamlessly deliver campaigns to screens across your mixed-player network with Broadsign's powerful content management system and robust player logic.

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  • Smart playlist generation engine to serve content to the right audience at the right time
  • Automated workflows that save time and improve operational efficiency
  • Intelligent campaign monitoring tools that will ensure campaign goals are met
  • Generate playlists up to 48 hours in advance to cache content and avoid black screens

Already running your network on Broadsign Control but looking to seamlessly connect your sales to your ad operations?

Our industry-leading marketing platform helps media owners unlock the full value of their network from selling inventory to delivering complex digital campaigns, through automation, business optimization, and support for programmatic transactions.

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Ready to extend your network and onboard third party players or learn more about Broadsign Air?