Broadsign Platform Deep Dive: Highlights from our latest product webinar

March 27, 2023Juliana Lai

Out-of-home is evolving and so are we

The out-of-home (OOH) industry is going through an evolution, and expectations are changing. Media owners want tools that are smarter, more comprehensive, and better connected to allow them to remain agile. As the leading OOH software provider, we are evolving with the industry to ensure that our platform continues to meet the needs of media owners. 

At the start of the year, we announced the reimagined Broadsign Platform that has all the Broadsign features you know and love, just enhanced with additional capabilities and unified by a more intuitive, shared interface. We recently held a webinar that was hosted by our VP of Products, François Hechme, and our Senior Director of Products, Seamus Hunn, to share with customers the focus areas that are driving our evolution in 2023. For those who weren’t able to attend, we’ve summarized the key highlights of our webinar below. 

Unified notion of users, inventory and audiences

Leveraging a combination of existing and new technologies, we are moving away from the notion of separate products and consolidating them into a single platform. With a new web-based user interface and a fully redesigned user experience, you will have access to our full suite of capabilities all in one place. However, the shift towards a unified platform will not happen overnight, which is why we have strategically mapped out our evolution in separate phases to deliver value to you as quickly as possible. 

In the first version of the Broadsign Platform, our goal is to unify the notion of users, inventory and audiences across our products. Connecting our products as modules, rather than separate products, means that users of the Broadsign Platform will now only require one single sign-on to access their guaranteed and programmatic campaigns, and have a single source of inventory and audience data for users to manage. 

Curious to see what these capabilities look like on the actual platform? Here’s Seamus with a quick tour of the Broadsign Platform: 

Bringing static campaigns to the Broadsign Platform

While many of our customers operate a mix of static and digital inventory, static remains the dominant format in OOH. To support our static customers, we’ll be bringing static asset and campaign management tools to the Broadsign Platform in late spring. Leveraging Ayuda’s rich static workflows, the static module will offer end-to-end asset, campaign and operations management features. For the first time ever, media owners will be able to manage their digital, static and programmatic workflows in one centralized place. Here’s Francois with a quick demo of what our Static Campaigns module looks like in the Broadsign Platform: 

Building the next-generation ad server

The appearance of more digital and omnichannel buyers in the OOH advertising ecosystem is changing the needs and expectations of advertisers. As more media buyers adopt an audience-based approach, media owners can leverage their inventory to help buyers reach target audiences at the right time and place through contextual triggers. There is also an expectation from media buyers that they should be given the same flexibility as they do when booking with digital ad mediums when it comes to campaign activation and delivery. 

As media owners, meeting these new needs and expectations bring on significant changes to your business model. This means having to package and price your inventory in multiple ways, operate different monetization channels, and offer multiple campaign objectives and delivery options. New ways of working bring on new complexities which require new tools. 

Broadsign’s ad server will give you access to more modern ways of selling, better targeting capabilities and advanced reporting in your direct one-to-one selling environment. With access to demographics, points of interest, weather moments, and many more data points, you will be able to plan audience-based campaigns and have them delivered programmatically, ensuring that the ad is shown only at the right moment to the right audience through contextual triggers. Here’s Seamus with a sneak peek of what our ad server looks like: 

Want to learn more about our new features that will be made available soon? 

Contact us to learn more about the eligibility requirements to have access to these new features or to join our ongoing beta programs. 

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