Introducing Audience Campaigns: now available as part of the Broadsign Platform

May 16, 2023Juliana Lai

The appearance of more digital and omnichannel buyers in the OOH advertising ecosystem has changed advertisers’ needs and expectations of media buyers. As more buyers adopt an audience-based approach, media owners need to leverage their inventory to help buyers reach target audiences at the right moment with data-driven demographic selections and contextual triggers. There is also an expectation that campaign activation and delivery in OOH be as flexible and as simple as booking campaigns through other ad mediums, like digital. 

To meet these new needs and expectations, as a media owner, you will need to look at packaging and pricing your inventory in multiple ways, operating different monetization channels, and adjusting to alternative campaign objectives and delivery methods. These new ways of working bring on new complexities, which require new tools. 

The good news is that earlier this year, we announced our new DOOH ad server, Broadsign Audience Campaigns, which gives you access to more modern ways of selling, better targeting capabilities and advanced reporting in your direct one-to-one selling environment. We are happy to announce that our next-generation ad server is now available.

Bringing audience-based and contextual targeting capabilities to direct selling

While programmatic digital out-of-home (pDOOH) enables media owners to deliver audience-based and contextual campaigns, direct sales still represent over 85% of all DOOH ad spending. In order for audience-based advertising to be widely adopted in OOH, it will be crucial for media owners to enable demographic and contextual targeting in their direct selling environment. 

Advertisers oftentimes have access to better targeting tools than OOH campaign planners. We wanted to challenge that, which is why we decided to build an ad server that provided media owners with the same flexibility and comprehensive targeting capabilities. Complimenting existing direct selling tools, Broadsign Audience Campaigns will enable you to easily set audience and targeting requirements based on demographics, points of interest, weather and more, allowing you to close deals quickly. 

Providing more flexibility than ever before for direct sales

Direct selling has traditionally been perceived as restrictive – locking in buyers for large upfront commitments with long periods of campaign planning and activation required. While advancements have been made to incorporate more flexibility in direct sales, like providing different ways to reach a campaign goal through flexible campaign types, what’s really needed is flexibility in how campaigns are delivered. 

Now with Broadsign Audience Campaigns, your campaigns are dynamically served based on real-time inventory availability and assigned contextual triggers, like audience demographics, weather or financial market movements, ensuring that ads are delivered to the right audience at the best possible moment. With access to added flexibility and better targeting tools, you will be able to sell impression-based campaigns around your frequency ones, maximizing screen fill rates. 

How Audience Campaigns compliments existing functionalities of the Broadsign Platform

Adding ad serving capabilities to our platform makes it easier than ever for you to plan, execute and monitor guaranteed, programmatic and audience campaigns in one single place. Moreover, our solutions are designed to help you get the most out of your inventory. When used together, it enables you to further maximize your fill rates by selling impression-based campaigns around your frequency and programmatic ones.

Broadsign’s guaranteed campaign tools provides traditional one-to-one sales, various fixed and flexible campaign types, like impressions and spot-based campaigns, and are guaranteed to deliver based on attributed goals, objectives, and pre-selected screens. Complimenting your direct sales strategy, our Programmatic (SSP) increases your inventory’s exposure by putting your screens in front of buyers across more than 30 of the largest DSPs worldwide. 

With Broadsign Audience Campaigns, you will now have the best of both worlds. Your direct sales team can continue to enjoy the benefits of one-to-one sales with the addition of sophisticated targeting tools like demographics, points of interest and moments, and ad serving capabilities to play campaigns in real-time based on network availability and contextual triggers.

Want to learn more about Broadsign Audience Campaigns?

Visit our Audience Campaigns & Ad Serving page.

Juliana Lai
Juliana Lai

Product Marketing Content Specialist

Juliana has been a part of Broadsign’s marketing team since 2022, where she specializes in product-focused content tailored for OOH media owners. In her free time, you can find her on her potter’s wheel making ceramics or climbing a rock.