Coles 360 continues momentum with tech & media partnerships

November 21, 2023

Coles 360 is accelerating its product capabilities, announcing a new partnership with out-of-home ad tech provider Broadsign and a new agreement with Nova.

Paul Brooks, General Manager of Coles 360 said: “We’re determined to provide unique, impactful, and measurable omni-channel media solutions and these partnerships allow us to do just that.”

Coles supercharges retail screens through Broadsign

Coles 360 has partnered with out-of-home (OOH) ad tech provider Broadsign to further enhance the Coles 360 network of digital screens at front-of-store. The partnership will enable Coles to schedule, manage, and deliver compelling content and advertisements across its network of retail media displays.

Over the coming months, Coles will migrate approximately 600 panels onto the Broadsign Platform. Since deployment in 2021, the front-of-store screens have been a highly successful media asset for Coles.

“The Broadsign Platform provides the ideal solution to power our future network. It currently services more than 300,000 screens worldwide and has been a leader in this space for two decades, making it an obvious partner,” said Brooks.

“Over the last two years, we have learned a lot about their potential, what suppliers and their agencies want to see on them, and strategies to leverage their prime positioning for maximum impact. We now have a solid understanding of what it will take to deliver on the next phase of screens, and a key component of that is driven by the technology that powers them.”

Ben Allman, Broadsign Head of Sales, ANZ said: “With over 75% of supermarket shoppers buying in-store, retailers are increasingly focused on the digitisation of their physical worlds. Adopting best-in-class solutions, such as the Broadsign platform, has allowed Coles 360 to build a comprehensive and highly compelling retail media offering in a relatively short time span. We’re very excited and extremely proud to be partnering with one of Australia’s most iconic and trusted brands.”

Leveraging the Broadsign platform will allow Coles 360 to dramatically advance its in-store media capabilities across locations. It will enable campaign scheduling on a per-store basis, allow for desired time and day-parting, and support dynamic content.

Powered up NOVA partnership

After an extensive RFP and benchmarking of the Digital Radio market in Australia, Coles has renewed the Coles Radio agreement with NOVA Entertainment.

The new agreement involves several key changes to the capability such as store level ad targeting and full time and day parting which allows Coles 360 to set the play strategy of ads to suit the requirement of the campaign.

Under the new agreement, Coles 360 will be able to provide supplier partners with access to NOVA Entertainment talent, consumer promotions and marketing opportunities across the NOVA portfolio.

Paul Brooks, General Manager of Coles 360 said: “We can talk about cereal at breakfast time, and convenience meals in the pre-dinner rush for example. It’s an exciting evolution of Coles Radio. It will mean we can provide customers with a better experience in store, as it will be more tailored and relevant than ever before.”

“This new capability will unlock enhanced partnership opportunities for our supplier partners to further strengthen the power of Coles Radio as part of their omnichannel packages.”

NOVA Entertainment Chief Commercial Officer, Nicole Bence said: “The extension of NOVA’s partnership with Coles is a testament to our successful collaboration on an industry leading retail audio product. Coles Radio is the perfect example of NOVA’s all-of-audio approach; seamlessly connecting with customers and creating an audio experience unique to your brand.”

Coles Group General Manager of Brand, Digital & Media Kate Bailey said: “Both NOVA and Broadsign have strong track records in their ability to deliver relevance in message. By combining these strong foundations with our first-party data, market-leading creative capabilities, and market intelligence, we will deliver the hardest-working assets in retail media.”