Broadsign Publish updates are here to help you work anywhere

April 16, 2020Rob Côté

Though things have been a little strange and stressful of late, the Broadsign team has been hard at work to continue improving functionality for our users. With Broadsign Publish proving to be an invaluable tool to all kinds of public-facing locations in our current climate, we’re particularly excited to announce the official launch of several new features that will make a big difference to the way our users engage with this tool.

Check out our video for a walk through the new features with the product owner for Broadsign Publish, or just scroll down to take a look through a list of everything we’ve added.

Download our free COVID-19 creatives

We wanted to contribute to the great work being done by OOH businesses to fight COVID-19, so we released a set of HTML5 templates that are free to download, edit, and publish wherever you like. Check them out and download them here!

Check out our new mobile-friendly design!

Some of the locations where Broadsign Publish is most useful – think supermarkets, clinics, etc. – are also places where users are often on the go for most of the day. In recognition of this, we’re excited to announce that a mobile-friendly version of Broadsign Publish is now available.

With this new design, users can log into Publish from mobile devices and push or update messages right in the palm of their hand. Even better, users can use their device’s camera to snap photos and upload them to their library for addition in a message template. It’s a great way to announce snap sales, feature a standout individual or moment of the day, or send out a critical update right away, with imagery from right on the ground.

Take our new UI for a spin

We thought it was time to make a little update to our interface to make it more friendlier and more intuitive – when’s better than Spring for a little makeover? Publish power users, we think you’ll like what you’ll see.

Some of the highlights to keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Pagination is here! By making it so that things don’t all load on the same page,rendering within Publish will be faster than ever
  • A larger and more obvious “Create a New Message” button has been added to the top to help you get things done faster
  • We’ve introduced larger icons + more legible text, just to make your eyes happy
  • Comment buttons, which open the comment panel, have been added to each message

Activate emergency messaging remotely

Sometimes, situations arise when you might need an emergency message delivered across your screens quickly. Now, Publish is making it easier to rise to those occasions with support for remote triggering of emergency messages by non-Publish users.

Delivered by SMS and featuring two-step authentication, this feature can be used by security guards, complex owners, or other non-Publish users to trigger emergency messaging without requiring a login. In critical, time-sensitive moments, this feature will likely be a big help.

Access Google Drive and Dropbox from within Publish

We love the cloud, so we brought it right into Publish for you. Now, you can access creative assets, templates, and other files you keep in Google Drive and Dropbox, right from within Publish. No more need to switch tabs or screens, or to have to download assets locally, to do what you’re trying to do.

Get organized with Screen Groups

Do you regularly need to deliver messaging to particular groups of screens? It’s easier than ever with the new Screen Groups feature in Publish – and no need to worry anymore about accidentally unselecting a screen.

Just add individual screens to whatever groups you like and you’ll be able to deliver messages – synchronized or unsynchronized – to the groups as though they were individual screens.

Optimize your Broadsign Control storage space with Quota Management

Bumping up against your storage limits in Broadsign Control? You could pay a little extra for some more space, or you can try the new Quota Management feature in Publish to see which of your messages take up the most space and potentially remove them to free things up.

Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager