Captivate and Broadsign Partner on New Programmatic DOOH Channel

February 16, 2021Samantha Brault

Extensive digital signage network converges with the Broadsign Reach programmatic DOOH platform, opening new doors for advertisers

TORONTO and MONTREAL — February 16, 2021 — Captivate and Broadsign today announced a collaboration that will expand programmatic access to Captivate’s far-reaching network of elevator and large format displays in highly-trafficked office buildings via the Broadsign Reach supply-side-platform (SSP). More than 1,800 of Captivate’s displays across Canada have been onboarded and are now available to more than 30 demand-side-platforms (DSPs) globally that are integrated with Reach, with Captivate’s U.S. inventory to follow. The integration is allowing media buyers to tap into Captivate’s premium audience of high household income earners in a simpler, more flexible and measurable manner.   

Building on Captivate’s long standing partnership with Campsite, which was acquired by Broadsign in 2019, the partnership reinforces Captivate’s commitment to evolving how digital out-of-home (DOOH) is bought and sold, and diversifies its ability to grant media buyers on-demand access to key audiences during their consumer journey.

With Captivate’s network now accessible via Broadsign Reach, the company can better service the North American market by connecting it to new digital media buyers via Broadsign’s extensive network of omnichannel and DOOH specialty DSPs. In turn, media buyers have a wider pool of programmatic DOOH inventory to select from when targeting their intended audience, as well as greater flexibility to adapt ad creative and timing for greater relevancy and to maximize reach.

“The ad space is incredibly dynamic and continues to develop alongside technological advances and shifting audience behaviors. This collaboration with Broadsign will help us reach digital buyers looking for new ways to target audiences with impactful messaging while also improving campaign performance. Programmatic has long been a priority for Captivate and this integration helps further diversify our offering to media buyers looking to harness the many benefits that DOOH has to offer.” 

Barb Huggett, General Manager at Captivate Canada

“We are extremely excited to expand our work with Captivate to surface their inventory to new buyers through our extensive network of DSP partners. We expect their unique inventory will continue to be of keen interest to programmatic media buyers looking for effective ways to connect with their target audiences today and in a post-pandemic world.” 

Adam Green, SVP and GM, Broadsign Programmatic Platforms

About Captivate

For nearly 25 years, Captivate has been the leading location-based digital video office network. Known for its vast network of elevator and large format displays throughout North America, Captivate engages millions of modern professionals with timely news, actionable information and relevant advertising placement. Captivate is now leveraging this expertise beyond the office and extending its reach to valuable audiences where they work, live and play.

Whether it’s at home or in a ridesharing vehicle, Captivate continues to deliver a premium, brand safe advertising experience in a 100% viewable and fraud free captive environment. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners. For more information, please visit

About Broadsign

Broadsign empowers publishers, agencies and brands to harness the power of out-of-home and connect with audiences across the globe. Powering over 425,000 signs along roadways and in airports, shopping malls, health clinics, transit systems and more, Broadsign is at the heart of people’s lives.

The Broadsign platform helps publishers more efficiently manage their business operations while enabling brands and agencies to easily book OOH campaigns. The platform includes tools for content distribution, playback and proof of performance; sales inventory availability and proposal generation; automated programmatic DOOH transactions; and OOH business operations.