How DSP Sage+Archer leverages DOOH to its full potential

December 18, 2020Samantha Brault

Though the COVID19 pandemic has had quite the impact on out-of-home advertising, if you ask Amsterdam-based DSP Sage+Archer, the value of a programmatic approach has never been more apparent. 

From the flexibility it affords those working with limited budgets to the speed at which it targets the right audiences at the right places and times, it’s no surprise why a growing number of brands and agencies view programmatic DOOH as their strategy of choice.

From tech-driven media agency to self-serve platform partner

Launched by the Dutch mobile-first media agency MobPro, Sage+Archer was born out of a growing need amongst marketers to establish added control over their campaigns. 

While the DSP was originally used internally by MobPro experts (and self-proclaimed data geeks), after a user-friendly overhaul, the powerful technology was rebuilt into an intuitive, easy-to-use self-serve media buying platform. 

Today, Sage+Archer’s solution provides its clients with the technology they need to activate, manage, and monitor dynamic mobile, DOOH, and multichannel campaigns. This has enabled them to broaden their scope of clients, and also puts them in a better position to fulfil their international ambitions. 

Harnessing the power of programmatic 

Though their solution consists of a DOOH engine and a separate mobile engine, its underlying technology allows advertisers to seamlessly combine the two. The majority of Sage+Archer’s clients, which run the gamut from small local businesses to agencies and holding groups, use the platform to run high-impact multichannel campaigns. 

What really sets Sage+Archer apart is their keen eye for leveraging data to help their clients create unique and impactful campaigns. 

At a basic yet always relevant level, day-parting and location-based data is used to play DOOH ads at the right time and place, however, Sage+Archer uses almost any type data-stream to add context, flexibility and creativity to campaigns.

From a local museum’s use of live ticket sales to optimize foot traffic to a bank’s use of HTML5 to thank individual customers for their loyalty, Sage+Archer’s runs campaigns that are as creative as they are strategic.

Check out more from Sage+Archer in this interview with their co-founder, Diederick Ubels: 

The company attributes much of its success in running such impactful campaigns to their mobile advertising roots, applying their in-depth knowledge of the medium to the larger DOOH landscape. From how they generate dynamic creatives to the ways they leverage mobile data to optimize campaigns that achieve both awareness and performance goals, Sage+Archer continuously pushes technological boundaries and tests their findings to see what works best.

Programmatic DOOH in an uncertain world

Although Holland wasn’t subject to the stricter lockdowns experienced by other European countries, changes in the market brought on by the pandemic’s first wave was felt across all digital aspects of their business. By summer, however, they noticed a considerable uptick in first-time users to their platform. 

The added autonomy, flexibility, and control inherent to programmatic advertising and, by extension, Sage+Archer’s solution, allows marketers to be far more strategic about campaign spending. Clients working with tighter budgets can be far more selective about the types of inventory and data triggers they use, allowing them to pause, adjust, and optimize campaigns instantly, should they need to. 

As the second wave of the pandemic looms closer, the company has seen an influx of programmatic campaigns being run through their platform.  

Sage+Archer and Broadsign

Through its integration with the Broadsign Reach supply-side platform, Sage+Archer provides its clients instant access to a rich network of DOOH inventory that extends across the globe. What’s more, owners and publishers on the supply side are being introduced to valuable new markets. 

In this way, the company’s partnership with Broadsign is helping them to establish a stronger international presence. No longer restricted to a single local market, Sage+Archer’s DSP acts as a springboard from which brands and agencies alike can launch targeted campaigns that connect them to international audiences in the freshest, most impactful, and contextual ways.

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