How iCo Medios is redefining transit DOOH in Colombia

November 5, 2020Rob Côté

Reliable public transportation to work, to shops, to friends and family, opens up cities to new sources of revenue and new possibilities for growth and development.

But transit networks also offer great opportunities for organizations to connect with people. Done right, a digital out-of-home network built for transit users can do a wonderful job of delivering entertaining, appealing, and educational content to a wide variety of people all through the day.

It’s why iCo Medios was quick to take advantage of the opportunity to run the OOH network for the metro system in Medellin, Colombia. By building out an intelligent DOOH network around the transit system, the company would be able to help connect transit users with brands and other entities in an exciting way unlike anything else in the country.

A business built on transit DOOH

The Medellin metro project is far from iCo Medios’ first foray into transit media. Back when the company was founded in 2013, it first focused on advertising opportunities in toll areas. From there, the business diversified to bus media, and then on to a wide range of other formats, including airports, roadside, street furniture, below the line activities, and special projects.

From the outset, iCo Medios set its sights on becoming one of the biggest names in Colombian DOOH, wanting to position itself as a great partner for brands looking to tell compelling stories to audiences at the right time and place outside the home. From planning to implementation, iCo Medios helps ensure its buyers are able to achieve the results they’re looking for with the campaigns they buy.

iCo Medios helps its partners maximize value from their OOH media spend

Doing something really big

With its Medellin Metro project, iCo Medios has control of the first large-format transit DOOH network in the country. For now, the network consists of 10 screens, each designed specifically for the environment in which it is being placed, and capable of reaching about 20% of Medellin’s metro users.

Advertising will make up a large proportion of the content displayed, intermixed with additional information that will be of interest to transit users. This will include operational information for the metro, real-time weather and currency exchange rates, and more.

Sure to be of special interest to advertisers is the positioning of the metro DOOH network as the centerpiece of a 360 degree out-of-home marketing offering that also includes traditional OOH media, interior and exterior vehicle branding options, and below-the-line activities conducted inside and outside of the stations. Altogether, these offerings present brands with powerful opportunities to deliver coordinated messaging to riders all along their journey.

The OOH network operated by iCo Medios is central to a larger media offering in Medellin

And more big things to come

Looking forward, the preliminary metro network in Medellin is just the first stage of a larger plan to build out an exciting DOOH offering in Colombia. More screens will be added to the metro network, helping iCo Medios to better reach metro riders along their journeys through the city.

This company is also in the process of evaluating new technologies to deliver enhanced data, detailed analytics, and new tools for interactive and dynamic experiences. These include WiFi, geotargeting capabilities, augmented reality, and the ability to transact programmatically across its displays.

The goal for all of the tools and technologies being added to iCo Medios’ expanding network is to improve the quality and capabilities of its touchpoints to deliver a truly special out-of-home experience. It’s an approach that will continually grow the appeal of the metro network and make it into an exceptional buy for brands looking to reach audiences in Medellin.

New screens and new capabilities will help iCo Medios deliver ever-greater value to buyers

iCo Medios, Convergencia Digital Signage, and Broadsign

In order to build a boundary-pushing DOOH network, it’s important to get the right tools for the job. But if you can also get the assistance of a veteran team with deep knowledge of those tools, it’s much easier to hit the ground running.

That’s why iCo Medios partnered with Convergencia Digital Signage, a digital signage integrator based in Argentina, to adopt Broadsign.

With Broadsign, iCo Medios has the tools it needs to manage a high-profile DOOH network securely and efficiently. Automated scheduling, easy integration of dynamic content, and a platform built to maximize usage of ad inventory all help to ensure iCo Medios gets the most value from its time and investment in its metro network. In future, it will enable programmatic transactions via Broadsign Reach, opening up its premium inventory to top programmatic buyers from around the world.

Programmatic sales will offer a powerful new way to engage with iCo Medios’ audience

Convergencia, meanwhile, plays a pivotal role in making the Medellin Metro network the standout it deserves to be. The company has deep experience with the Broadsign platform, and has partnered with a number of other companies in Latin America to bring their networks on board with Broadsign. Providing Spanish-language training and support, as well as ongoing content creation services, Convergencia has expedited and enhanced the whole process of getting the metro network up and running.

Altogether, iCo Medios’ vision, Convergencia’s expertise, and the power of the Broadsign platform have made for a powerful package to drive an exciting new DOOH offering in Colombia. It’s a partnership that is sure to serve iCo Medios well as it expands its footprint further and develops its DOOH network into a true powerhouse in the region.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

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