How Landmark Cinemas uses targeted DOOH to make movie magic

April 1, 2019Rob Côté

With today’s moviegoers increasingly eager for premium experiences, enhancing the guest experience while maintaining optimal operational efficiency is critical for delivering sustained growth in the cinema industry.

a standout cinema experience

From its origin as a single-screen movie house in 1965, today Landmark Cinemas, part of the international cinema exhibition chain Kinepolis Group, is Canada’s second-largest motion picture theatre exhibition company operating 319 screens across 45 cinemas.

Landmark’s growth has been fueled by the company’s focus on enhancing the movie-going experience through its introduction of luxury recliner seating, free reserved seating, and additional guest-first initiatives.

targeted dooh to make the movies more special

A key component of Landmark’s movie-going experience is its pre-show feature presented prior to each film. Containing editorial and advertising content, the pre-show is packaged to be age-appropriate and relevant to the audience for each film. Landmark recognizes that its captive, and receptive audience, view the pre-show as a valuable component of the movie-going experience and curates national, regional, and hyper-local content to ensure the pre-show’s relevancy.

Landmark’s strategy is enabled by Broadsign Control, the automated CMS at the heart of Landmark’s pre-show. The software allows Landmark to establish clear rules that determine the content to be played where, and when, and then automatically builds and distributes the correct content to each of Landmark’s screens prior to the movie. It’s an elegant solution that saves Landmark the arduous work of manually creating pre-show content mixes for each movie, while preserving the high level of relevance the brand desires.

solving a time crunch with broadsign’s professional services

Selecting the Broadsign platform ensured Landmark was able to meet the needs of its content delivery strategy, and by enlisting the expertise of Broadsign’s professional services team Landmark was able to quickly, and seamlessly, integrate the platform in their operations across the circuit.

Working with Landmark’s IT, marketing, and national sales teams, the Broadsign professional services team helped ensure the necessary preparations were completed for the platform to be integrated and operated in the most efficient way and enabled Landmark’s 319 screens to be up and running smoothly on the Broadsign platform in just three months.

Since launch, the relationship has continued, with weekly calls held between Landmark and the Broadsign services team to review network health and operational enhancements.

looking ahead

The Broadsign Control CMS has enabled Landmark Cinemas to successfully realize its strategy to deliver a curated, audience relevant pre-show unique to each film, and Broadsign Control CMS presents additional opportunities for Landmark’s to enhance its guest experience.

The system’s scalability, flexibility, and stability enable Landmark endless opportunities to explore different ways to incorporate digital content and advertising across their growing network. From continuing to build on its on-screen experience, to enhancing additional guest touchpoints, including digital signage, Broadsign Control offers Landmark a system with the capability to accomplish future DOOH-related goals.

Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager