How Primedia Outdoor is paving the way with programmatic in South Africa

May 26, 2021Christian Dion

When it comes to lighting up skies and cities with attractive digital signage, no one in South Africa is doing it quite like Primedia Outdoor.

With more than two decades of experience in the out-of-home landscape to their credit, today Primedia Outdoor is proudly the country’s largest wholly owned outdoor advertising media specialist. It offers state-of-the-art digital out-of-home solutions across 300 displays, and is now expanding its offering with programmatic DOOH, elevating the digital display experience with increased measurement, audience analysis, external data feeds and beyond.

Leading the way in South Africa’s DOOH space

Roodepoort-based Primedia Outdoor has a national network that spans 1,100 square metres of roadside digital displays, 200 digital mall screens and 77 Rank TV screens in major urban centres and rural regions. Additionally, the company has a high-reach in eight markets across Africa.

With such wide-reaching coverage, the company is best-suited in the market to provide opportunities for creating memorable out-of-home experiences. Beyond that, its technological assets harness the latest technology, creating opportunities for weather-based applications, live sports score updates, real-time event streaming, integration with social media platforms, and more.

In addition, Primedia Outdoor offers a radio-to-road multi-channel solution that enables audio and visual channel synchronicity along with features that track anonymous vehicle and video analytics, beneficial for creating targeted, specific messaging.

All this means that companies looking to create more intelligent campaigns can turn to Primedia Outdoor for its knowledge and experience in the field. Tracking, monitoring, and understanding audience behaviours are par for the course for this team.

Making moves with programmatic in malls

An example of Primedia Outdoor’s digital mall displays in action

Among its rich inventory, Primedia Outdoor counts more than 200 screens in malls across three major metropolitan centres—Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town. Over a quarter of the company’s screens have incorporated programmatic capabilities, helping to enhance audience analysis tracking for advertisers.

A growing emphasis on mall spaces is something that the Primedia Outdoor team has been hard at work on for the last few years, a project that has entailed the development and implementation of unique audience data in mall settings using passive WiFi nodes. The goal here is to better understand the habits of a shopper in the presence of digital displays. Ultimately, this system has proven to be beneficial at feeding audiences with targeted impressions using data collected regularly—hourly, daily, or weekly—which helps advertisers produce relevant and refreshing content for viewers.

Ultimately, Primedia Outdoor offers advertisers the ability to use their programmatic buys more effectively by reaching consumers when they’re at the mall and likely ready to make a purchase. This way, advertisers get greater flexibility over their campaigns and can be more strategic—and thus, more cost-effective—where buys are concerned.

A 13-metre high LED screen in Fourways Mall in Sandton, South Africa

Broadsign and Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor and Broadsign’s partnership first began almost a decade ago with the powering of screen content via Broadsign Control. In 2020, the company expanded on this relationship by integrating the Broadsign Reach supply-side platform. While the move had been in the cards for quite some time, the COVID-19 pandemic wound up serving as the catalyst, springing the team into action. 

First, the company introduced a test phase in August 2020. Then, it went live with its first successful launch shortly thereafter. The inaugural pDOOH campaign was set in motion on 12 roadside LED screens across the country in September, which then expanded into two airport LED screens later on in the year. Today, they count 27 roadside LED screens in large South African markets like Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, East London, and Durban.

“Introducing programmatic DOOH was the next natural step in our digital evolution and speaks to our ongoing efforts to offer value, innovation and ease of access to our inventory.”

Dave Roberts, CEO of Primedia Outdoor

All in all, this launch has yielded positive results for Primedia Outdoor, offering advertisers heightened opportunities to make more intelligent and effective decisions regarding how and where their campaigns operate.

“Primedia Outdoor’s successful implementation of Broadsign Reach showcases the SSP platform’s ability to streamline ad buying, optimize the process from end-to-end and drive real incremental revenue . Their achievements demonstrate the true power of programmatic.”

Frank Vallenga, Head of sales EMEA & APAC at Broadsig

Through programmatic DOOH, Primedia Outdoor has further reinforced its position as pioneers in South Africa’s digital out-of-home space, a company that stands out from the competition by offering greater value, a promise of innovation, and ease-of-use where its inventory is concerned.