Shell Deploys Digital Signage Network Using Broadsign International, LLC’s Software

May 12, 2015Stephanie Gutnik

600 screens in the Netherlands and United Kingdom were operational as of March 2015.

The Hague, Netherlands. May 12, 2015. Shell is improving the refuelling experience in retail forecourts through the initial deployment of its digital signage network using Broadsign International, LLC’s cloud-based platform. Contrary to in-store gas station networks, Shell’s screens are outside at the pump and make use of fuel dispenser triggers at the forefront of industry technology.

At the start of 2015, 50 Shell locations comprising 400 screens were fully operational in the Netherlands and another 25 locations featuring 200 screens went live in March as part of the network’s global expansion. A pilot program in Malaysia is currently underway.

Content provides visitors with helpful information and promotions to assist in refuelling safely and easily, and enhances the customer experience on Shell forecourts. A typical loop lasts 90 seconds with 10-second slots per message.

In selecting a digital signage software provider, Shell analyzed the market and determined that Broadsign’s platform was most qualified to handle the network’s specific and progressive requirements. “Shell is a prestigious brand worldwide and its digital signage network attests this,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at Broadsign. “As such, Broadsign has been happy to align our global footprint with their own, assist with advanced feature development relating to fuel dispensers and maintain reliable service for superior customer relations.”

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