Two Broadsigners share what makes our company a top employer

April 26, 2022Kristen Theodore

A couple of weeks ago, Broadsign was named one of Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers, a competition that recognizes small and medium-sized Canadian businesses that foster a positive workplace culture through progressive human resources policies.

It’s an achievement we would of course be proud of anytime, but it feels especially rewarding in light of some of the great new programs we’ve rolled out over the past year. We’ve made improvements to our employee benefit programs – in particular with regards to supporting mental health – have committed to a flexible work schedule, and are making employee learning and training a bigger priority than ever. 

Caring for our employees is something we take extremely seriously and have a great deal of pride in. But in order to more fully capture for you the workplace culture we’re continuously working to build and improve, we wanted to share the perspectives of two long-standing Broadsigners, Ramin and Kseniya. Below, they’ve shared what it is about Broadsign that has made their time with our team a positive experience.

Ramin Rahimee, Senior Software Engineer/Squad Lead

When Broadsign acquired Ayuda Media Systems in 2019, it onboarded some new teammates in the process—that’s where Ramin’s journey with our team begins. Previously, Ramin worked as a software engineer for several years. While with Ayuda, he was based in Berlin, but once the acquisition took place, he expressed to his new employers his desire to cross the Atlantic and live in Canada. Soon, he relocated to Toronto, where he is now based, working remotely full-time.  

Moving to a new country and working for a new employer undoubtedly comes with its share of hurdles, but Ramin says the transition was relatively smooth sailing. 

“Broadsign supported me with everything, from my visa sponsorship, to moving expenses and relocation costs. They did everything to help me relocate,” Ramin says. A new continent and three years later, he’s just as enthusiastic about working here as in those early days. 

Before officially joining the Broadsign ranks, Ramin’s resume included nearly a decade of experience in software engineering.With Broadsign, he became familiar with an all-new industry: out-of-home. 

“Working in OOH is like discovering a new world. It has its own technologies and vocabulary, ” he says. But, through Broadsign’s knowledge-sharing philosophy, Ramin quickly learned its intricacies, working on its different products on both the Broadsign and Campsite platforms. 

Since his hiring, he’s taken on new responsibilities as a senior software engineer/squad leader. In this role, he hopes to foster the same environment of collaboration, support, and open exchange of ideas that made him feel at home when he first started.

As a parent of two, Broadsign’s flexible work schedule has also been a game-changer for Ramin. With remote work a part of the new reality, he says that Broadsign’s hybrid work solutions are an added benefit. His team quickly adapted to this new dynamic while the company provided them with the technology and tools needed to continue to stay productive. When uncertainty was a given, he said he appreciated Broadsign’s open communication channels and how the company helped make the work-from-home set-up easier through allowances, health benefits, tech equipment—everything with no questions asked. 

Besides that, he says his department has been able to flourish in other ways. The WFH requirement has opened up new opportunities for hires around the world. Ramin says his team has hired people from Spain, Turkey, and Brazil—all that matters now is that you’re good at what you do. 

The company never bats an eyelash when setting up its employees for success. Ramin adds that he’s attended conferences and pursued training and development in the past three years, all funded by Broadsign.

Kseniya Baluk, Full-Stack Software  Developer III 

When Kseniya Baluk first immigrated to Canada, she worked as a translator. But upon arriving at her new home, there was a lack of demand in her domain, so she completely switched gears and pursued software and web development instead. 

Why the change? 

“I enjoy spending time on the Internet,” Kseniya says, “so this move seemed logical.” She joined the Broadsign software dev team as a junior software developer and quickly moved through the ranks after completing her studies. To help broaden her professional trajectory, Broadsign encouraged her to attend certification courses or networking events to enhance her skills. Now, she works on Broadsign Direct, a campaign management tool designed to help businesses manage and sell out-of-home inventory more efficiently. But she says that what makes her role here so enjoyable is the culture fostered by the team. 

“Broadsign has an excellent company culture, and you notice that right away,” she says. Her department, she says, thrives on constant collaboration and a pair-programming technique that fosters a sense of teamwork and ensures no developer is left behind. She adds that the software dev team is acutely focused on removing silos, instead opting for open collaboration. 

This collaborative mindset has continued as employees have predominantly worked from home since March 2020. It’s since become more of a “work where you like” approach appreciated by employees who live far away from Broadsign’s head office (or, in the case of Ramin, in another city). At this point, Kseniya says that she and her team have more or less adapted to this new work environment, adding that the team is now quite comfortable connecting via video chat. She adds that she feels like she’s even been more productive in some ways! 

“In general, the company has been supportive during this transition,” says Kseniya. Moreover, she feels that Broadsign goes beyond what’s expected from employers, offering fitness allowance, mental health initiatives, yoga classes, and yoga sessions. “It shows us that Broadsign cares about our well-being,” she says. 

Besides that, Kseniya says she’s felt supported in ways that exceed expectations. An example she cites details how the Director of HR, Meghan Hastings, reached out to her to speak about the recent conflict in Ukraine. 

“I’m from Belarus, and so Meghan called me up to speak to me to ask how I was doing given the situation. I feel extremely looked after and taken care of here.”

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