Broadsign Announces Support for System-on-Chip Smart Screens and Solutions

May 9, 2022Quinn Mason

OOH ad-based CMS and player for SoC signage debuts ahead of ISE 2022; streamlines the delivery of campaigns across a range of popular smart screens

Montreal, Canada – May 9, 2022 – Ahead of ISE 2022, out-of-home (OOH) advertising technology leader Broadsign today announced the availability of Broadsign for System-on-Chip (SoC) beta. Designed to help new and existing OOH media owners monetize cost-efficient smart screens, the new Broadsign solution supports the LG webOS and Samsung® Tizen smart screen operating systems, as well as the BrightSign® OS, to enable intelligent OOH ad playlist generation, proof-of-play reporting, and dynamic campaign delivery utilizing Broadsign’s industry-leading OOH advertising platform. 

Broadsign for SoC arrives as advertiser interest in OOH continues to surge, making it easier for media owners to expand their networks with SoC solutions to advance monetization efforts. It includes a host of powerful capabilities from the Broadsign OOH advertising platform to help users streamline campaign management across mixed screen networks spanning environments from transit to banks, cinema, educational institutions, healthcare, hotels, retail, smart cities, EV charging stations, and more. 

Early Broadsign for SoC adopters have already begun to express enthusiasm for the technology: 

Adapt Media DOOH Media Manager Tatiana Abondano says, “Adapt Media is excited about Broadsign SoC as it will greatly simplify our digital signage setup, allowing us to expand our DOOH networks more rapidly and cost-efficiently. We will only have to invest in one device and we will have our screen and player needs taken care of simultaneously, reducing our deployment time, efforts, and overall costs.”

Enmedio Comunicación Digital CEO Sebastián Obregón Londoño shares, “We believe Broadsign for SoC presents a great opportunity to expand digital signage networks faster and offer new products to our customers.”

Broadsign for SoC highlights include:

  • Streamlined network operations: Manage all inventory from one central location and support nearly any mixed-screen network.
  • Smart screen optimization: Harness the most powerful OOH advertising platform to get the most out of smart screen inventory.
  • New revenue opportunity: Unlock ad-based revenue by opening up SoC-equipped screens, either from direct or programmatic OOH channels.
  • Advanced network scalability: Reliable, scalable, and automated workflows make it easy to grow networks without bounds.

“SoC represents the next big opportunity for Broadsign customers to expand their OOH footprint and reduce their hardware investment,” says Maarten Dollevoet, Chief Revenue Officer, Broadsign. “We’re thrilled to bring all the automation, inventory optimization, and monetization opportunities that the Broadsign platform offers to SoC solutions from major industry players like LG, Samsung and BrightSign via this launch.”

“The BrightSign OS runs as an SoC via BrightSign Built-in and also via an affordable, reliable, and compact media player. We’ve prioritized partnerships so that our customers have the choice of using the very best software in the industry, and we are very excited to partner with Broadsign to that effect,” comments Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign.

“The potential for SoC in out-of-home is unending, and we’re thrilled to be working with Broadsign to bring support for some of its widely-used features to our SoC screens. The integration opens up a host of new monetization opportunities for LG webOS Signage display owners interested in attracting a growing audience of advertisers looking to reach their unique OOH audiences,” shares Gianni Restaino, LG Business Solutions USA’s’ vice president of engineering.

“SoC is providing a new, more efficient way to create, run, manage, and monetize digital signage networks, and we’re excited to team with Broadsign to bring Tizen users support for a robust CMS solution with proven benefits that both new and seasoned OOH media owners can take advantage of,” shares Stephen Choi, Vice President, Head of North America Display Office (NADO), Samsung Electronics. 

For more details about Broadsign for SoC, please click here or visit Broadsign in the LG Electronics Stand 3K200 at Integrated Systems Europe from May 10-13 in Barcelona. Broadsign partner solutions will also be on display at the BrightSign Stand 6H420 and the Samsung Stand 3F600.

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