Maximize your smart screens: Broadsign for System-on-Chip is here

September 7, 2022Quinn Mason

In the last few years, a significant number of digital signage hardware manufacturers have transitioned into making “smart” screens, or displays with a “system-on-chip” (SoC). These all-in-one devices eliminate the need for an external media player, making SoC a relatively inexpensive and streamlined solution for digital signage.

At Broadsign, we want to help you monetize and centrally manage your low-cost smart screens. That’s why we’re excited to launch Broadsign for System-on-Chip (SoC), a sophisticated content and campaign management solution with a robust media player that enables the delivery of campaigns across any smart screen. 

Built specifically for out-of-home advertising on smart screens, this new solution promotes revenue growth and scalability with intelligent playlist generation, proof-of-play reporting, and dynamic campaign delivery.

Manage system-on-chip displays—the Broadsign way

In talking to our customers, SoC compatibility has consistently ranked as one of the top-requested new Broadsign capabilities.

That’s because the appeal of SoC displays is partly offset by the limitations of the native software. With SoC devices, a chipset included within the display itself plays host to the digital signage software that will deliver content to the screen. Because of this, SoC displays require tailored software to operate, and are typically limited in their out-of-the-box content and campaign management capabilities.

We heard your feedback, and our new SoC player aims to please. It doesn’t just introduce Broadsign’s industry-leading DOOH software to system-on-chip devices; it aligns all of our ad-based content management capabilities to help you manage your entire network more efficiently.

How it works

Unlike native SoC content management systems, Broadsign for system-on-chip includes powerful advertising capabilities and enables streamlined campaign management across mixed-screen networks. 

Want to get a SoC screen up and running on your existing Broadsign network? Simply install our Broadsign for SoC player app onto a smart screen and register it in your Broadsign Control. After that, the SoC player polls the Broadsign servers and downloads ad content to play on its connected display. Once registered, the SoC player also reports incidents and proof-of-play statistics back to Broadsign servers.

What are the benefits of Broadsign for SoC?

Broadsign for System-on-Chip brings the power of Broadsign’s industry-leading digital signage software to SoC devices and other high-efficiency smart screens. Still wondering what that means? Here are some of the ways Broadsign for SoC helps you maximize your network of smart screens:

Access advanced content management capabilities

Get more out of your smart screens with the most powerful CMS in out-of-home. The new Broadsign for System-on-Chip offers many of the same ad-serving capabilities you’ve come to expect from Broadsign Control, our automated digital signage software.

The following is a quick summary of the major Broadsign Control features that are currently supported by Broadsign for SoC:

  • HTML packages
    • Display still images, video, and even complex HTML content without worrying about latency during playback
  • Filler content
    • Automatically fill up any unbooked space with filler content
  • Leader-follower synchronization
    • Synchronize campaigns with leader-follower capabilities
  • Custom geometry
    • Easily set up complex custom screen geometry
  • Scheduled Conditions 
    • Use conditions to control when and where content plays
  • Proof-of-play
    • Generate detailed proof-of-play reports with custom fields for dynamic content; proof-of-plays are locally cached to accommodate patchy network connections 
  • Audience data management (.csv)
    • Integrate your first-party data and deliver meaningful audience insights to buyers
  • Missing in Action alerts
    • Detect when a player disconnects from the server with MIA alerts
  • Automatic integration
    • Integrate with Broadsign Direct and Broadsign Reach to unlock additional revenue

*Support for scheduled conditions only

Simplify your network

Generally speaking, system-on-chip displays are at least as powerful as Smart TVs and modern smartphones—which means they can easily handle one display per SoC unit, but could struggle with some of the demands common to larger networks or more complex campaigns. For example, if you want to drive multiple displays (or two 4K displays) from a single machine, then nothing can beat the superior performance of the Broadsign Control Player running on an external media player built for graphics.

The future-friendly solution? Build a flexible network with software that’s capable of supporting almost any multi-screen setup. With Broadsign for SoC, you can bring your smart screens into the fold as part of a larger mixed-screen network. By centrally managing all of your inventory through Broadsign Control you’ll save time and simplify your DOOH management tasks. 

Unlock additional revenue

Today’s digital signage software is capable of covering a range of roles in the management of your DOOH network, and if your smart screen’s out-of-the-box software doesn’t enable programmatic selling or has limited campaign management capabilities, then you’re missing out on potential revenue.

With this release, you can now open your system-on-chip screens to ad-based revenue, either with direct or programmatic OOH channels. Broadsign for SoC supports automatic integration with Broadsign Direct, our intelligent sales and campaign management tool specifically designed for OOH campaigns. It can also be used to connect your SoC screens to our supply-side programmatic platform, Broadsign Reach

Grow the way you want to

Moving from one platform to another every time you outgrow a solution makes for a lot of additional work. But it’s equally exhausting when workflows and content management tasks start to overwhelm your existing tools. 

Broadsign helps you avoid all that by providing DOOH software that scales with you. Our automated workflows enable you to grow your network without bounds. And if you already use Broadsign Control, you don’t have to change your content management workflows or processes in order to incorporate your SoC displays. 

Got questions? We’ve got you covered.

If you want to learn more about what Broadsign for System-on-Chip can do for you, please reach out to your Broadsign rep or request a free demo to see what it’s all about!

Quinn Mason
Quinn Mason

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