Broadsign International, LLC Selected by Tonic Health Media for Digital Out-of-Home Network in Australia

April 5, 2016Stephanie Gutnik

Conversion of 700 screens will be followed by expansion to 2,500 displays.

Sydney, Australia. April 5, 2016. The top-ranked provider of automated digital signage software, Broadsign International, LLC, has been selected by Tonic Health Media to power the company’s 700 screens reaching an audience of 2.7 million viewers per month. Digital screen viewership is expected to grow to 7.5 million per month by July 2017 as total displays increase to 2,500.

Tonic Health Media

Tonic Health Media’s health TV network, TonicTV, is an evidence-based patient education and entertainment system for GP, allied health, specialist and hospital waiting areas. Full sight and sound video runs on 32” and 42” screens, with the purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare in Australia.
“Running content designed to improve health literacy and patient self-management, it is essential that TonicTV operate reliably and at the highest of quality standards,” said Dr. Matthew Cullen, Managing Director at Tonic Health Media. “As such, we converted to Broadsign for features such as its automated platform and audio control, which will allow us to easily maintain and enhance the patient experience as we grow.”
Accommodating the 35-minute dwell time patients experience in doctors’ offices, TonicTV’s ad-based content loop is contextually relevant for health and wellness customers. An optimal hour is typically composed of 27 minutes of editorial content, two minutes of local practice advertising, six minutes of news and weather and 24 minutes of paid content. Customers include the Australian governments, insurers such as BUPA and Medibank, and commercial organisations such as Dyson.
“Tonic Health Media strives to be the most trusted knowledge intermediary in the Australian healthcare system and we are looking forward to supporting the network in achieving just that as it develops and scales in size,” said Maarten Dollevoet, Vice President EMEA at Broadsign.
To learn more about Broadsign’s automated approach to DOOH, apply for a free trial.

About Broadsign

Broadsign International, LLC is the first global provider of cloud-based digital signage software. Its award-winning, automated approach to content management is mature, reliable and robust, and gives digital out-of-home networks an unlimited capacity for growth without adding personnel. Broadsign’s sophisticated platform and cost-effective line of smart players, Broadsign Xpress and Broadsign Xpress Pro, decrease the cost of network deployment.
Broadsign’s constant growth, extensive customer base and dedication to predicting and responding to industry trends make its digital signage solutions a safe bet for the future of networks with even the most complex of requirements. For more information about Broadsign, visit

About Tonic Health Media

Tonic Health Media is a health media company that produces and distributes evidence-based health content to consumers in the doctors waiting room. It is Australia’s largest health Out of Home network with 3,500 locations. The content is designed to improve health literacy, the ability for patients to self manage, drive evidence-based practice, and reduce adverse events – facilitating better outcomes for patients, doctors, and the Australian health industry. For more information about Tonic Health Media, visit

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