Digital News TV Uses Broadsign International, LLC Software for Bob’s QSR Network

August 24, 2015Stephanie Gutnik

The network spans 700 locations and 4,000 screens across Brazil.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. August 24, 2015. Top Brazilian digital signage integrator, Digital News TV (DNTV), has announced its use of Broadsign International, LLC’s digital signage software for the deployment and growth of Bob’s. The chain is one of the three largest QSR operations in Brazil.
Powered by Broadsign, the Bob’s network has grown to 700 locations and 4,000 screens across Brazil. DNTV is using its field service teams to add around 20-30 new locations each month, with an aim of 1,000 locations in the next year.
“Broadsign’s feature-rich platform provides the automated scheduling, stability and security required to accommodate complex network requirements, rapid expansion and integration with new technologies with minimal additional development,” said Yuri Berezovoy, Innovations Director at DNTV.
“Our team works closely with the Broadsign services department to deliver innovations to customers. As we test other market platforms, we believe Broadsign offers the most outstanding technology and support,” continued Berezovoy.
Bob’s displays are viewed by over half a million individuals daily and build on the corporation’s strategy to reinforce appetite appeal via technology and innovation. Featuring 100% brand-related content, digital menu boards are day-parted with location-specific pricing updated in real-time based on demand. Point-of-sale and dining area screens advertise promotions and fidelity programs. The LCD displays vary from 19 to 42”, with digital menu boards arranged as videowalls of up to eight screens.
The switch from static to digital menu boards has given Bob’s greater control over in-store promotions, reduced visual clutter through targeted day-parting and increased efficiency by eliminating the shipping of printed material to stores.
“DNTV is a well-respected, turnkey provider of digital signage solutions in Brazil,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at Broadsign. “We regard the Bob’s initiative as a leading example of modernization in the regional digital signage market.”
To learn more about Broadsign’s digital out-of-home solutions, please schedule a meeting with a Broadsign representative at Brasil Signage Expo or sign up for a free trial.

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