EV charging stations drive new OOH opportunities for advertisers

June 26, 2023Quinn Mason

Consumers are becoming greener – and their spending reflects their values

As the world enters an age of growing activism, 82% of consumers expect businesses to step up when it comes to climate change and the environment. They’re also more sustainably-minded, with nearly half (48%) self-identifying as “climate-conscious” in their purchasing decisions. And according to IBM, half of today’s consumers say they’ve paid an average of 59% more premium for products branded as sustainable or socially responsible.

The public EV charging market is on track for rapid growth

Electric car markets are seeing exponential growth, and thanks to new policies in the US and the EU, EVs are expected to account for more than one in three new vehicles sold by 2030. While most of the charging demand is currently met by at-home charging, there’s a growing need for public EV infrastructure. The U.S., for example, will need almost 20 times more EV chargers than it has now if it succeeds in meeting its 2030 federal EV sales targets.

OOH on public EV chargers is a key opportunity for brand advertisers

With EV charging times averaging 30 minutes or more, DOOH ads on EV charging networks offer brands longer opportunities for distraction-free engagement. Advertisers can also reach high-intent consumers where they shop, dine, and go to be entertained by activating ads on chargers at retail and business locations, like supermarkets, convenience stores, and big box retailers.

Brands on EV charging stations are also more likely to be viewed positively by consumers as they’re associated with being part of meaningful change.

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