Broadsign and APPcelerate partner to unlock powerful DOOH advertising in the Spanish market

October 17, 2023Kayla Caticchio

In the fast-paced area of omnichannel marketing, precision and data-driven strategies are key to success. APPcelerate, a Spanish-based demand-side platform (DSP), recently partnered with Broadsign to bring media buyers access to premium digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory available programmatically via Broadsign’s supply-side platform (SSP). Together, the partnership aims to reshape the landscape of DOOH advertising by extending the reach of digital campaigns into the physical world with data-driven insights.

Specializing in geolocation marketing, APPcelerate provides solutions for activating and analyzing omnichannel campaigns within the vast area of digital marketing. The platform’s unique approach is grounded in understanding consumer behaviour through geolocation data.

The company’s clientele comprises media agencies, including industry giants; however, they also work with medium and smaller agencies to offer extensive segmentation capabilities, creating tailored campaigns without astronomical budgets. Its direct clients rely on APPcelerate for in-depth audience analysis, targeting, and indoor measurement services. Although its primary market is Spain, APPcelerate is currently working on expanding its footprint into Portugal and Latin America.

Partnering with Broadsign

The decision to partner with Broadsign was a strategic one. As a DSP, APPcelerate can leverage its vast data to target audiences as accurately and effectively as possible. “We wanted to bring a real-world element to our clients’ omnichannel campaigns, so establishing connections with leading supply-side platforms like Broadsign became essential,” says Victoria Cáceres Jiménez, Head of Digital Sales at APPcelerate. 

From a technical standpoint, what sets the integration apart is the exceptional data enrichment capability brought by APPcelerate coupled with premium OOH inventory and expertise from Broadsign. Stemming from over 15 years of consulting experience, APPcelerate’s expertise in data management has allowed them to leverage data to meet their client’s campaign objectives – partnering with OOH experts like Broadsign to activate omnichannel campaigns precisely. 

Moreover, with a single DSP for all campaigns, APPcelerate can seamlessly blend DOOH with mobile retargeting, providing insightful reports on metrics like brand recognition and drive-to-store traffic. DOOH campaigns can even be integrated with Connected TV  (CTV) initiatives, delivering comprehensive 360-degree campaigns.

The Benefits for Media Buyers

APPcelerate’s integration with Broadsign offers significant benefits for media buyers, specifically the ability to reach their target audience in the physical world, creating precision even in a one-to-many medium. Through robust omnichannel campaigns, media buyers can effectively reach their desired audiences across multiple channels without engaging with each exclusivity-focused partner individually. Mobile retargeting bespoke measurement studies offer additional value and insights, including APPcelerate’s ability to conduct brand lift studies to provide clients with robust insights and assurance. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Broadsign! As a rapidly growing startup with a strong foothold in the Iberian market, Broadsign is helping us expand our offering by bringing digital out-of-home opportunities into our platform. We look forward to continuing our growth journey together.” 

Victoria Cáceres Jiménez, Head of Digital Sales at APPcelerate. 

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Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

Content Marketing Manager

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