Fresh spring updates to our digital signage software

April 1, 2019Samantha Brault

Spring is the time for all things fresh and new – trees budding, flowers growing, birds flying back home…and an update to our entire platform! We’ve been working on lots of features over the past while and we’re excited to finally share them with you.
We’ll be hosting a webinar on April 11 to dive into the details and show you what’s new in the Broadsign platform. Register here – and read on for a few highlights!

What’s new in Broadsign Control

Simplified login with enterprise authentication

Say goodbye to the dreaded forgot password. With our new single sign-on approach, your Broadsign Control users can now log in using their usual business credentials. With this system, they’re less likely to forget their password, and it also gives your IT team the ability to manage their database and quickly enable or disable access to Broadsign Control.

Expanded automation with APIs

Pre-buffering player API – Weather or traffic data unavailable? Ensure gapless playback by using intelligent buffering to skip a data-driven piece of dynamic content should the data feed be unavailable.
Open API enhancements – Want to see if all players are online or check if there have been any playback errors on your screens? You can now easily filter all incidents and only report on the type you’re currently looking for.

Newest Ubuntu support

As usual, we’re keeping up with the latest version of Ubuntu, 18.04, to give your network access to their improved security, hardware support and new 10-year vendor support.
If you missed our last Broadsign Control update, here’s what we were up to.

What’s new in Broadsign Direct

More flexibility with proposal amendments

As a campaign evolves, so does its goals, budget and requirements. Users can now edit proposals in a few simple clicks. They can also quickly cancel booked proposals to free up space should a campaign be cancelled.

Easier booking with campaign renewal

For your loyal customers, clone a current or pre-existing proposal to easily renew a campaign.

Improved support for static scrolling posters

When booking a campaign on a scrolling poster, you can now see exactly which slots are available on which faces, giving them real-time data into availability.

Automated price adjustments with dynamic rate cards

If your network generally offers discounts during slow times, or surge pricing during more popular times, you can now associate seasonal pricing to rate cards, making the RFP process even simpler for your sales team.
Missed our last Broadsign Direct update? Check out the details here.

What’s new in Broadsign Publish

More template customization options

No one knows their audience more than the users: receptionists, private practice owners, office managers and more. Text-based templates are a good start, but with this latest addition to Broadsign Publish, you can now give local users more creative capabilities by with a series of pre-approved images and audio for added template customization.

Help local users from afar with new administrator tools

Sometimes remote support can be a hassle, particularly when done over the phone or email. To better understand local users’ needs and provide quicker assistance, you can now log in as the user in question, and troubleshoot any issues directly from their account.

Maintain your network with content approval workflows and strict privileges

Content approval workflow – Standardize your content approval process and ensure quick turnaround with email notifications when there is a template pending approval.
Site organization and privileges – Give each user only access to what they need with user profiles, keeping your site organized and users aware of their roles.
For more about Broadsign Publish, read this.

What’s new in Broadsign Reach

A big step of making programmatic DOOH truly take off is transforming the DOOH workflow into processes that digital media buyers are used to working with. By doing so, DOOH inventory is more attractive to buyers, and gives you, the network operator, the opportunity to tap into a marketing budget previously reserved for online, mobile and social media.

With this in mind, we have made enhancements to Broadsign Reach that will allow you to make inventory more attractive to media buyers.

HTML5 support for added dynamic capabilities and responsiveness

With HTML5 now supported in Broadsign Reach, programmatic media buyers can now deploy data-driven creatives, adding context and relevancy to their campaign. What’s more, mobile and online ads currently created in HTML5 can easily be modified for different sizes, making DOOH screens an accessible medium for a multichannel campaign.

Augmented VAST capabilities

VAST is an online video support standard, created by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, that helps advertisers serve their video ads on various channels and formats. This is a standard that programmatic media buyers work with daily, and will give advertisers a familiar way to book videos on DOOH screens.
Geo-targeted VAST – Advertisers buying via VAST tags can now geo-target their content and serve different versions based on your screen location.
DoubleClick for Publishers VAST tag support – With new support for DoubleClick VAST buyers, reach even more advertisers and agencies using Google’s ad stack.
To better understand why VAST support is important for the DOOH industry, read this breakdown.

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