How Flix Media enhances the moviegoer experience with their digital signage network

June 1, 2018Rob Côté

With hundreds of millions of tickets sold each year, annual revenue topping $3.4 billion in 2017 and strong projected growth for the years ahead, Latin America is a region of keen interest for the global cinema industry.

Poised to benefit from this growth is Flix Media, an ad network that works with local film-industry leaders in Brazil. Their goal is to create memorable movie experiences for audiences across the country.

The Flix Media experience

Flix Media was first created to sell pre-roll media to Brazilian cinemas. Today, its roster of clients includes top exhibitors such as Cinemark Brasil, Kinoplex and Cinépolis.

Flix Media has also expanded to work with other digital media entities related to the cinema experience.

  • Ingresso, Brazil’s largest ticket sales website
  • Cineclick, a popular Brazilian film blog

This broad influence helps brands deliver targeted content that builds on the moviegoing experience at all stages.

Flix Media enjoys special benefit from its presence in cinemas, which includes pre-show media, space on all the digital signage in its clients’ theatres, and posters, stands and other custom materials. Unlike other advertising mediums, there’s no worry about its audiences changing the channel or content appearing above the fold. What’s more, with audiences having travelled specifically to take in the show, they’re at their most receptive when they’re at the movies. Flix’s advertisers, which include everything from banking entities to food and beverage brands, are able to capitalize on this attention from the moment a customer enters the building.

Enchanting the filmgoer

To appeal to its audience of film lovers, Flix Media relies on context, intelligent branding and experimentation. It’s a recipe that helps them craft experiences that stick with customers long after they leave the movie theater. The “Happy Dog, Happy Owner” campaign run by Flix Media for the Special Dog pet food brand is a great example of this in action.

With this campaign, a cinema audience saw a mixed onscreen and in-person advertisement featuring real dogs in the theatre. Meanwhile, delighted reactions from the audience were recorded for use in a television and broader cinema ad. It was a great opportunity to capture a special, creative moment at the movies for more to enjoy.

Flix Media also makes it easy to conduct well-targeted campaigns of a more usual variety. The company’s audience demographics data, including age, gender, region and finances, assist with delivering campaigns to specific audiences.

The Prevent Senior health insurance company, for instance, discovered that cinema ads were associated with the highest level of brand recall by its elderly user base. Working with Flix Media, the company was able to secure sponsorship of the pre-show security video for an exhibitor, deliver ads and even gain naming rights to an entire cinema complex. The result was an expansive, well-targeted campaign that reached its intended audience in the environment that was most effective.

Flix Media and Broadsign

Today, Flix Media manages pre-roll content on over 1,800 screens across 97 cities and integrates those campaigns with other digital advertising. This is no easy task. It might require working with content lists with variation by country, city or client demographics. It could also involve coordinating complex campaigns with local projectionists. All this, of course, must be managed without interfering with the main show.

To pull off their ambitious work, Flix Media has turned to Broadsign. The automation features included in Broadsign’s suite allow for less dependence on the on-site operations teams at individual theaters, and make it easy to customize content to individual screens. Last-minute changes or fixes can easily be pushed through when necessary and proof-of-play and performance reports ensure the company can keep a close eye on activity on their network. It’s a picture-perfect solution for pre-roll content delivery, and allows the company to bring a little extra movie magic to its audience.

Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager