How Samsung’s programmatic campaign went big in Texas

April 13, 2022Kayla Caticchio

Samsung was looking to increase brand awareness, consideration, and purchase intention for its Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone in this booming region of the U.S. To increase exposure, the brand turned to Broadsign to leverage the power of out-of-home for its Texas campaign. Joining forces with Samsung’s agency Cheil, Broadsign helped develop a programmatic digital-out-of-home strategy that would target specific audience segments at scale.

The objective

Samsung wanted to track, measure, and get a better sense of DOOH’s impact on drive-to-store metrics. The objective was to target specific audience segments, leveraging mobile data signals, with high reach and frequency across multiple DOOH publisher networks, making this campaign a perfect candidate for programmatic execution.

The solution

The Broadsign Ads (formerly Campsite) DOOH channel-specific DSP was used to plan and create the campaign in partnership with Cheil. To track and measure the DOOH campaign’s full-funnel impact, two other partners were included: MFour to measure brand impact and PlaceIQ for footfall traffic tracking.


Thanks to the scale, flexibility, and control of Broadsign Ads, the campaign delivered highly-targeted impressions to on-the-go tech and photo enthusiasts at the most relevant times and places. Exposed devices were passed to the DV360 data marketplace for retargeting.


The audience targeting capabilities of the Broadsign Ads platform led to a more efficient media spend compared to traditional location-based buys, resulting in significantly stronger campaign reach and frequency.


Audiences exposed to the DOOH campaign (identified via mobile device IDs) were reached with similar creatives across various online channels for additional reach and engagement, creating a seamless omnichannel experience.

The results

Positive Ad Recall

Programmatic DOOH was instrumental in the success of this campaign thanks to the short lead time and flexibility needed in the planning and execution phases.

Increased ad recall with:

  • 50% of exposed audiences recalling seeing the ads
  • 86% of audiences found the ad likeable
  • 67% said the campaign gave them a more favourable opinion of the brand and product

Positive Impact on Brand Metrics

  • 6% lift in brand consideration
  • 7% lift in purchase intent
  • 1.75x lift in in-store visitation

2021 OMMA Award Finalist Campaign

To execute a campaign of this magnitude, we needed a DSP that could deliver on ease of use and transparency – and Broadsign Ads performed above and beyond our expectations thanks to its numerous capabilities and capacity to streamline the DOOH-specific workflow. Furthermore, collaborating with the Broadsign Ads team of programmatic digital-out-of-home experts meant seamless execution from start to finish.

Keri Thomas, Media Supervisor at Cheil

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Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

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