IG Wealth Management boosts brand funnel metrics with programmatic DOOH

August 9, 2022Kayla Caticchio

IG Wealth Management wanted to increase brand awareness and consideration for its financial services across Canada. With Broadsign Ads and the OMD agency team, the brand ran a successful programmatic DOOH campaign that positively impacted its position in the Canadian financial services market.


  • The Broadsign Ads DOOH-specific DSP was used to plan and execute IG Wealth’s campaign, leveraging programmatic capabilities like unique audience and venue targeting. 
  • The campaign ran for a two-month period, targeting specific demographic segments like business professionals, high-income individuals, and those between the ages of 35-65. 
  • Over 1.5M ads were served across highly-targeted environments, resulting in approximately 20M quality impressions.
Download the full case study to see the results and discover the benefits of implementing pDOOH into your media strategy.
Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

Content Marketing Manager

Kayla has been a part of Broadsign’s marketing team since 2021, where she specializes in creating content on all things OOH, DOOH, and pDOOH. She spends her free time reading and trying new restaurants.