The new Broadsign Control (14.0) has arrived

March 24, 2021Rob Côté

We’re all about making life easier for our customers. That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce the release of Broadsign Control 14.0, which comes packed with new features meant to give you more power over your network and easier access to the tools you love.

We’ve also made major updates to our player software and improved integration with Broadsign Direct.

Check out some of the most notable new Broadsign Control goodies right here.

Workflow improvement highlights

We’ve made it easier to create and adjust complex campaigns

More and more buyers want to run complex campaigns, and we’re making it easier for you to bring those campaigns to life. With our new advanced ad copy criteria assignment feature, you can manage schedules, bundles, and ad copies all in a single location – no more spending a bunch of time dealing with popup after popup.

If you often create or adjust campaigns with multiple day parts, bundles, or ad copy and frame formats within a single venue, this new feature should save you a lot of time.

We also made the file transfer process much smoother

Before, you could only work on a single upload at a time in our transfer manager, and when something failed, you had to find the ad copy and retry the upload all over again.

Now, it’s as easy as right-clicking the item and retrying right from within the transfer manager. And if you want to work on multiple items at once, you can multi-select the items you need.

Control now automatically matches ad copy dimensions to display resolutions

It used to be that if you wanted to match your ad copy to displays with specific resolutions, you had to do it manually. Now, the Broadsign Control player’s got the smarts to handle that for you, eliminating the need to manually tag your ad copy with “dimension” criteria.

It’s now dead simple to find exactly what you need

If you’re working with a great many assets, it can be tough to find exactly the criteria, folder name, ad copy, or other item that you are looking for. At least, it was. With 14.0, we’ve introduced a universal typeahead to allow you to filter for exactly the resource you are after without needing to scroll through an enormous list.

New audit log features can help you keep your business safe

We’ve always logged user API activity in Broadsign Control. Now, we’re making it easier to search the logs to see just what has been going on whenever you need to.

The new search function can help you pick out activities based on operation type, the operation performed, user IDs, and by time stamp. Best of all, it’s all available right from within Broadsign Control. Whether you’re keeping an eye for security purposes or just to keep an eye, it’s never been more convenient to do so than it is in 14.0.

Player improvement highlights

Support for the latest, most complex HTML5 content

Buyers are tapping into the potential of DOOH by requesting more complex campaigns.
With the latest version of Broadsign Control, you also get Chromium v80. That means your network can handle more complex HTML content with better resource management than before – just what your buyers will be looking for.

A new presentation layer offers better playback and transitions

Before, preparing media and transitions could be pretty demanding on your player hardware. With 14.0, we’ve decoupled the presentation layer from the underlying scheduling, logic, playlist management, and other features that make Broadsign Player so useful.

The new presentation pipeline lets the presentation layer work more quickly and efficiently while reducing strain on your players and reducing the likelihood of artifacts.

Integration Highlights

See your Broadsign Direct proposals, contracts, and line items in Broadsign Control

With this release, we wanted to improve the interconnection between Broadsign Control and Broadsign Direct.

That’s why, when you use Broadsign Direct to create Contract IDs, Proposal IDs, and Proposal Line Item IDs associated with Proposal Line Items, you’ll now be able to see and search for those items over in Broadsign Control.

You’ll now be able to see a stronger association between Direct proposals and Control campaigns without having to do extra work.

Create Display Unit Groups in Control and sell them in Broadsign Direct

Ever want to sell a batch of displays as a single unit, but get frustrated by having to manually select all the displays you want to include in the deal? 14.0 has you covered.

You can now easily build Display Unit groups in Broadsign Control, bundling together whichever displays you would like to be able to sell as a single item. Within Broadsign Direct, you’ll then be able to add the items to your proposals as a single unit. No more hunting for a bunch of screens and hoping you didn’t accidentally forget one.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager