Broadsign Summit SeriesThe Challenge of Connecting

What are the challenges in DOOH today, and how can the industry overcome them? Watch this presentation delivered by Mungo Knott (Insight and Innovation Director, Primesight), to get his perspective on the key questions facing the industry. A part of the Broadsign Summit series. About the video: For all its strengths and the many improvements it has undergone in recent years, the digital out-of-home space still has room to grow. How should DOOH businesses operate in a competitive, technology-driven landscape? And just what effects are we really seeing from the adoption of automation, programmatic, and artificial intelligence in driving DOOH? At the ISE Broadsign Summit in 2019, we invited Mungo Knott to share his perspective on what barriers to industry progress remain to be overcome, and his ideas for how the DOOH space should proceed toward a better connected, more prosperous future. See more from Broadsign: Request a demo of the Broadsign Platform or visit for digital out-of-home software, news and views.

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