Broadsign International, LLC Named Digital Signage Software Market Leader by Frost & Sullivan

April 30, 2015Stephanie Gutnik

Broadsign secures first place in 2014 revenue, product line, customer base, geo-expansion, funding, competitive strategy and value add.

Montreal, Canada. April 30, 2015. Digital signage software and solutions provider, Broadsign International, LLC, has been designated the international market leader by Frost & Sullivan in the research company’s latest “Analysis of the Global Digital Signage Systems Market” report. Broadsign’s ranking as a market leader is a reflection of its prime position on a competitive landscape analysis that sorts the top digital signage software vendors based on market penetration, product line and competitive strategy.

Qualitative criteria used to benchmark performance against key competitors include uniqueness of product line, size and breadth of customer base, M&A activities, geo-expansion, funding, competitive strategy to combat recessionary conditions and customer value addition. Broadsign is listed as a Tier I company due to its global presence and large capital base.

“As of 2014, there were over 100 competitors in the digital signage software space but the top ten vendors have solidified their market share by leveraging their product differentiators and financial resources,” said Aravindh Vanchesan, Digital Media Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “The competitive landscape reinforces our assessment that Broadsign is the market leader in this segment. The company has demonstrated its ability to keep growing year-on-year even under challenging market conditions.”
In addition to the competitive landscape, the report notes cloud-based solutions have increased in popularity and that high-end solutions by top vendors like Broadsign are capable of making changes to content in real-time depending on day, time and/or viewers. They can play all video, audio, live content and text formats in full HD and 4K, while producing reliable proof of performance reports, seamlessly interfacing with legacy systems and scaling with ease.

Frost & Sullivan has prepared an exclusive executive summary of the full report, accessible free of charge on Broadsign’s website.

“The findings of this global analysis affirm that Broadsign’s perspective of the digital signage space and vision for its future are aligned with those of network operators,” said Burr Smith, Chairman and CEO at Broadsign. “I am proud the quality of Broadsign’s product portfolio continues to help advance our market. Credit for this goes to our world-class team and partners.”

Digital signage networks interested in testing Broadsign’s automated platform are invited to sign up for a free trial. The full Frost & Sullivan report can be purchased here.

About Broadsign

Broadsign International, LLC is the first global provider of cloud-based digital signage software. Its award-winning, automated approach to content management is mature, reliable and robust, and gives digital out-of-home networks an unlimited capacity for growth without adding personnel. Broadsign’s sophisticated platform and cost-effective line of smart players, Broadsign Xpress and Broadsign Xpress Pro, decrease the cost of network deployment.

Broadsign’s constant growth, extensive customer base and dedication to predicting and responding to industry trends make its digital signage solutions a safe bet for the future of networks with even the most complex of requirements. For more information about Broadsign, visit