How Convergencia Digital Signage makes premium digital signage more affordable and convenient

January 28, 2021Rob Côté

Too often, new businesses in the digital out-of-home space have to compromise on their vision. They want to adopt the latest technologies and deliver an innovative and memorable experience for their audiences, but they don’t have the money to invest in the software that will let them do so. They may be forced to choose a lesser platform, deploy a less exciting product, and hope that they can someday build the network they dream of.

In Latin America, there’s a better option available to newcomers to the DOOH space. By collaborating with Convergencia Digital Signage, a digital signage integrator in the region, it’s possible to build a DOOH network that makes use of the most advanced technology currently available. This, at a cost that is far less than it would be to build this kind of network alone.

Partner details

Convergencia Digital Signage
Region: Latin America
Language of service: Spanish


  • Digital signage network management
  • Spanish-language technical support
  • Spanish-language content creation
Convergencia Digital Signage offers services for every stage of building and operating a DOOH business

The cost advantage with Convergencia Digital Signage

With digital signage, you’ll often get the best value from software when managing networks of larger scale. For newcomers to the space, unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to achieve this scale right away.

This is where Convergencia can provide a lot of value. Because the company manages many screens across Latin America, it is able to add new displays to its network for relatively little cost. It passes these savings on to customers who choose to have Convergencia run their networks, allowing them to start out with relatively few screens that run on premium software they otherwise may not be able to afford.

Technical experts close to home

Convergencia also has a lot to offer to LATAM businesses that run their own networks. Many of the top choices for digital signage software are based in other regions, and may not be able to offer customer support in Spanish to the degree that some businesses may require.

Thanks to its experience in the industry and a team that includes a variety of technical experts, Convergencia can help digital signage businesses build their networks, harness the full capabilities of their chosen digital signage software, and perform maintenance and troubleshooting when necessary.

In-house technical experts at Convergencia can help build and manage world-class DOOH networks

Quality content for quality networks

Yet another service offered by Convergencia is content creation, something essential to the success of any good digital signage network. Convergencia works together with brands and network operators on everything from advertising content to local messages to live updates for weather and other useful information.

Especially for those businesses just starting out in the digital signage space, content can be a time-consuming and tricky thing to get right. Working together with Convergencia can help ensure that you fuel your business with the best content to maximise a return on your investment.

Featured project: The Medellin Metro digital signage network

A recently launched digital signage network in the Medellin Metro system in Colombia is a standout example of the difference Convergencia makes. The network owner, iCo Medios, brought in Convergencia to help with building out the network from a technical standpoint, provide Spanish-language training and support for its team, and to create content for the network on an ongoing basis.

This network is the largest transit DOOH network in Colombia, and is set to expand further over the coming months and years.

Read more about the project in our spotlight on iCo Medios

Working with Broadsign & Convergencia

For Latin American companies that are new to out-of-home or who are looking to give their business an upgrade, partnering with Broadsign and the Convergencia team is an ideal arrangement.

Broadsign’s top-class software for OOH will provide your business with automated content management, intelligent sales capabilities, and the ability to scale your business as quickly and efficiently as you want. Convergencia, meanwhile, can help speed up your adoption of Broadsign, as well as cut licensing costs, deliver Spanish-language training and support, and assist with creating and distributing premium content.

It doesn’t matter what size your business is or how much experience you have in OOH. With Broadsign and Convergencia, you can flip the switch on a world-class DOOH business more quickly and for less money than starting out alone.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

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