How Turnadon is building a forward-looking OOH business in France

May 5, 2022Rob Côté

Historically, out-of-home advertising has been a one-way medium, broadcasting content in a particular context. Whether that audience connected with the content—or whether they even glanced at it—was, for a long time, unknown. But today, advances in technology and OOH analytics are changing that, and Turnadon is leading the way. Dedicated to offering its customers guaranteed impressions and CPM campaign pricing, Turnadon is helping change the perception of DOOH by showing what kinds of deals are possible.

A fresh DOOH offering in Paris

When Turnadon set up shop in 2017, it was one of the first DOOH players in Paris. Founded by two engineers set on disrupting the outdoor advertising space, the company has since grown its digital signage network to 120 screens positioned throughout the capital city’s liveliest neighborhoods.

In addition to exposure in high-traffic areas, the French DOOH supplier’s partner companies also benefit from unparalleled precision on the market. Turnadon’s network of screens are equipped with sensors that provide strategic data and measurable feedback on campaigns, such as the number of unique impressions and the average exposure time. These engagement insights open up new possibilities for personalization and audience segmentation and allow advertisers and agencies to better reach their target audience with as much transparency as possible.

Good engagement data helps Turnadon’s clients deliver more effective campaigns

Adopting an audience-based DOOH sales approach

Turnadon’s data-driven approach reflects a larger shift in the way that digital out-of-home media is being bought and sold. While marketers have relied on audience-based buying tactics in the online advertising space for a while now, delivering the same kind of hyper-targeted ads has previously been a challenge in the OOH industry. However, through the use of advanced technologies and contextually relevant messaging, that perception is changing.

One of the most important factors driving the move towards audience-based DOOH buys is the rise of programmatic trading. With browsers like Safari and Google Chrome phasing out third-party cookies, contextual advertising with DOOH is taking on a larger role in many brands’ digital campaign planning. Programmatic selling is helping ease that transition by opening the door to new digital media buyers and making it easier to incorporate DOOH as part of an omnichannel marketing strategy.

For Turnadon, the benefits of opening its network to programmatic selling were immediately apparent. In addition to making their inventory available to new buyers, their sensor-equipped digital OOH locations could serve as the foundations to planning and audience discovery, retargeting, and proximity marketing. With the power of programmatic on its side, Turnadon plans to expand its network to 1,000 digital screens and establish a presence in the 20 largest cities in France by 2023.

Big plans for expansion will help Turnadon’s data-driven network reach many more people by 2023

Unlocking additional revenue with Broadsign

To drive new revenue and meet its ambitious expansion goals, Turnadon needed to invest in an SSP built for digital out-of-home advertising. The out-of-home supplier had already adopted the Broadsign platform—it relied on Broadsign Control’s CMS to facilitate content distribution and scheduling across its growing DOOH network—so Broadsign’s integrated programmatic platform, Broadsign Reach, was a natural fit. Our self-serve SSP solution is built specifically for digital out-of-home advertising, with built-in proof-of-play reports that make it easy for Turnadon to show partner companies the true value of its network.

As Turnadon continues to evolve its network and increase its digital properties in France, Broadsign’s scalable DOOH solutions will grow with its network and help it reach its full potential. Even more importantly, its reliance on Broadsign’s software will ensure it’s always able to deliver on its mission to create impactful DOOH campaigns in the best neighborhoods and storefronts of Paris while providing accurate and reliable data to advertisers.

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Rob Côté
Rob Côté

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