Inside Broadsign: Celebrating 20 years of lighting up out-of-home

December 6, 2023Kayla Caticchio

Twenty years is a milestone worth celebrating. At Broadsign, we’ve spent the last two decades working towards growth, innovation, and a commitment to powering signage in the heart of people’s lives. We started as a small company with big dreams; over the years, those dreams have transformed into a thriving reality. 

Celebrating our twentieth anniversary isn’t just about acknowledging the years that have passed; it’s about recognizing the incredible people who have stood by us within our dedicated team and our loyal clients. They’re the pillars of our success, and their trust and dedication have propelled us to where we are today.

Over the past year, as we’ve marked this significant milestone, we’ve been busy creating a culture of celebration throughout Broadsign and our community. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights!

Evolving our workspace for hybrid, dynamic teams

We kicked off our twentieth anniversary with a bang as Broadsign was recognized as one of Montreal’s Top Employers and Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers of 2023 for a fourth consecutive year, an award presented to organizations dedicated to creating the best workplaces and forward-thinking policies. More than a recognition, it’s a celebration of our commitment to an extraordinary work environment and a testament to what we can accomplish when all employees share passion and dedication to the OOH industry.

As we’ve consistently strived to create a positive workspace over the past two decades, we’ve channelled the same dedication into our brand-new office design. Officially unveiled in November, Broadsign’s redesigned Montreal headquarters is more than just a physical space: it’s a place where ideas flow freely. Designed to foster collaboration between remote employees and those who choose to come into the office, our fresh space makes it easier for teams to work together across the board with more meeting rooms and collaboration areas. 

Unveiling a reimagined Broadsign Platform

Our 20th anniversary isn’t just about looking back; it’s also about looking forward. While work was being done at our headquarters, we were also busy working on exciting product updates to continue our evolution in the OOH space. Earlier this year, we introduced the next evolution of the Broadsign Platform, setting the stage for an exciting year ahead in 2023. The reimagined Broadsign Platform features a more intuitive interface and is packed with enhanced features developed to better meet the needs of OOH media owners, like unifying select Broadsign products under a single interface, standardizing audience and digital inventory management. 

In May, we introduced the game-changing Ad Server, a powerful tool for launching sophisticated audience-based campaigns with contextual targeting. Broadsign’s Ad Server offers new sales strategies for media owners to adapt to advertisers’ changing needs while allowing them to harness the full potential of demographic and contextual targeting within their direct selling environment. The result? Smarter, more precise advertising that speaks directly to audiences. 

Static OOH advertising has long relied on manual-heavy processes, leading to operational inefficiencies and missed opportunities. But in June, Broadsign unveiled a new solution to this challenge. Our static campaigns solution simplifies the entire process, offering real-time inventory availability, unified workflows, creative management tools, and robust reporting and proof-of-performance capabilities. It’s all about making static advertising more dynamic, efficient, and powerful.

While OOH growth has been driven by digital advancements over the years, static OOH has still been a major player in our industry. This year at Broadsign, we set out to gather insights on current challenges and outlooks in static OOH advertising through our independent research, doubling down on our efforts to put innovation and research in focus. We surveyed over a hundred respondents from different global media owners who offer static inventory on their networks, compiling data on everything from streamlining workflows to network sizes. Keep an eye out for our full report coming early next year!

Broadsign’s leadership team also spent time connecting with our valued clients by conducting customer visits worldwide and gaining insightful feedback on how our solutions impact their operations and OOH strategies.

“This Screen Runs on Broadsign”

At Broadsign, our customers and employees are at the heart of what we do, and our twentieth anniversary wouldn’t be complete without highlighting their impact on the OOH industry. In our “This Screen Runs on Broadsign” video, we celebrate our clients’ premium OOH inventory from around the world, showcasing some of the top screens and signs powered by Broadsign. The video is a celebration of our clients’ global footprint and versatility, as well as how we work together to create engaging out-of-home experiences.

Employees in the spotlight: ‘Impressions from Broadsign’

Along with highlighting our amazing customers worldwide, we also wanted to step behind the scenes with our dedicated team through our ‘Impressions from Broadsign’ video series. Shared across our social media channels, the videos serve as windows into the daily lives of Broadsigners from different departments, each contributing a unique perspective to our vibrant company. From experiences and special projects to what they love the most about being part of the Broadsign team, our ‘Impressions from Broadsign’ videos spotlight the people who make what we do possible. 

Our twentieth-anniversary celebrations

As we wrap up 2023, we closed out our twentieth anniversary year with a celebration that brought together our leadership team and North American employees in Montreal for an evening of fun. All together, under one roof, we were able to reflect on the strides Broadsign has taken from our early days to our impact on the OOH industry while celebrating the collective efforts of our employees and the unwavering support of our valued customers. Our teams in APAC and EMEA also joined in on the fun, each hosting their own celebrations in Sydney and Barcelona. 

On behalf of everyone here at Broadsign, we thank you for your trust and support over the past two decades. Cheers to twenty years and many, many more!

Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

Content Marketing Manager

Kayla has been a part of Broadsign’s marketing team since 2021, where she specializes in creating content on all things OOH, DOOH, and pDOOH. She spends her free time reading and trying new restaurants.