Neo Advertising enables programmatic transactions through Broadsign Reach across its entire DOOH network

March 7, 2019Rob Côté

Neo Advertising integrates all of its digital advertising inventory with the Broadsign Reach supply-side platform (SSP), the first programmatic platform specifically developed for digital out-of-home (DOOH).

In connecting its digital signage inventory with the Broadsign Reach supply-side platform, Neo Advertising has become the largest programmatically enabled DOOH network in the Swiss market. With more than 8,000 DOOH displays available to demand-side platforms (DSPs) connected to Broadsign Reach; as well as enhanced targeting options such as demographics, date and time, and contextual criteria; Neo Advertising enables advertisers to plan, purchase and distribute complex campaigns in a simple and transparent process.
Christian Vaglio-Giors, CEO of Neo Advertising, said: “It is clear that programmatic buying is playing a central role in the growth of the outdoor advertising market. As a complement to our traditional sales, this new channel expands our market and geographic reach by offering new targeting capabilities and instantaneous transactions.”
“Neo Advertising continues to demonstrate innovation and market leadership by becoming the first Swiss outdoor advertising company to make its advertising inventory available to programmatic digital media buyers through Broadsign Reach,” says Adam Green, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Broadsign Reach. “This exciting new initiative allows us to provide buyers in Europe and North America with new opportunities in the Swiss media landscape.”
Neo Advertising’s entire DOOH inventory is available via DSPs connected to Broadsign Reach today.

Rob Côté
Rob Côté

Demand Generation Manager