United we shine – Broadsign & Ayuda

April 23, 2019Samantha Brault

It’s no secret that Broadsign and Ayuda have had an interesting history. Founded around the same time, virtually just down the road from each other in Montreal, our two companies have had quite the rivalry.

Yet as time went on, we found ourselves taking slightly diverging paths, focusing on different features and markets as our products evolved. This led to our platforms being extremely complementary, and as more media owners find themselves managing an ever-changing mix of static faces and digital screens, across a growing number of countries, it is time to combine our strengths.

The power of a unified Broadsign and Ayuda will enable out-of-home media owners to manage, sell, and deliver all of their advertising content from one single solutions provider. Together we can better serve our customers, deliver more exciting projects, and build a future on our combined foundations. United we are stronger. United we shine.

For more details about the acquisition agreement, read our press release.