350 premium shopping locations

7,600 specialized health care clinics

10,000 health and lifestyle screens

Amplify your next campaign with digital out-of-home

Impactful campaign reach

Reach more viewers by adding digital out-of-home screens to your online and mobile campaign.

Eye-catching creativity

Let your campaign speak for itself with dazzling video displayed on large format screens.

Engaged audiences

With screens in the heart of malls, airports, clinics and pharmacies, reach ready-to-buy consumers.

Target based on geographic and specialty locations

  • Medical clinics, dental offices and pharmacies
  • Pet care and veterinarian clinics
  • Retail stores and shopping malls
  • Business and leisure travellers
  • Daily commuters
  • Entertainment and sporting events

Real-time buying ready!

To find out how to access our 400 million health and lifestyle impressions right from within your digital advertising platforms, get in touch.