How Ad Works Media is Shaking Up Papua New Guinea’s Media Landscape with DOOH

May 29, 2023Kristen Theodore

There’s a lot to look out for in the southern hemisphere, with the future of digital-out-of-home (DOOH) on a promising climb in the Asia Pacific region. DOOH advertising is predicted to grow by 14.1% annually from 2021 to 2023—an increase that can be attributed to the digitization of and growing technological advancements in out-of-home advertising. This trend isn’t limited to major markets like Australia and New Zealand, either. Smaller markets, like Papua New Guinea for instance, have seen remarkable growth in their digital advertising output—while the majority of that comes from online marketing and digital advertising, there’s no denying that the demand for DOOH is increasing right along with it. 

We spoke with Managing Director Lucy Maino of Ad Works Media to discuss Papua New Guinea’s burgeoning out-of-home industry and how this media owner is broadening out-of-home and digital out-of-home in a previously untapped market.

Bringing outdoor advertising to Papua New Guinea 

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Ad Works Media was established under the aim of creating meaningful, engaging experiences for its clients and their audiences. Being early adopters means Ad Works Media is favorably positioned to help DOOH grow across the country and solidify its leadership position. 

Bringing out-of-home and digital out-of-home across Papua New Guinea is something this enterprising company is passionate about. While their network consists of just one screen, they hope to grow that figure in the near future. It all began when Australian partners reached out to the team concerning the installation of a 44 sq. metre-sized billboard which was put up in at Paga Hill, Port Moresby, a highly-trafficked destination.

A big billboard with an even bigger impact 

For brands and advertisers, the Port Moresby screen is prime advertising real estate. In operation since September 2022, the large-format display sits just a stone’s throw from Port Morseby’s downtown core and overlooks the ocean, it’s no wonder that this large-format display is getting everyone talking. Visible from the road to both pedestrians and motorists, the large-format screen currently runs content catered to local audiences, including business marketing campaigns targeting all resident demographics, as well as community service and weather forecast messages.

This billboard runs roughly 20 ads per day, with advertisers benefitting from choosing their preferred slot and location for their ads to display, something competitors can’t offer. 

“[In Papua New Guinea], the advertising industry is still developing. But we’re proud to say that we’re the nation’s most trusted and innovative media owner,” says Lucy. 

Because the region’s local advertising industry is still maturing, Ad Works Media has entered at just the right time, hoping to not only grow its own network but help expand the availability of DOOH in the region as well. While static billboards have been around for years, and are in fact a popular advertising avenue for local businesses, DOOH is relatively new and exciting. The medium is now competing with the country’s current popular advertising channels, newspapers and TVs—but it’s picking up speed all the time. 

Given this desirable location, it’s no wonder that this spectacular is getting everyone talking. Highly visible to both pedestrians and motorists, brands and advertisers displaying ads in this prime location benefit from undivided attention. Not to mention that this high-quality screen offers unprecedented technology and colour intensity unlike anything else currently available in Papua New Guinea.

With a little help from the Broadsign platform, Ad Works Media can provide an improved advertising experience from both a consumer and advertiser perspective. In other words, this network is already making quite an impression. 

Broadsign and Ad Works Media 

As a company looking to raise DOOH’s profile in Papua New Guinea, Ad Works Media sought to align itself with a premium out-of-home software provider. They selected Broadsign as a partner to deploy large-scale and more contextual outdoor advertising campaigns.

“We selected the best-in-class software and technology to ensure that we deliver on our promises as well as set ourselves up for scale, in terms of assets and abilities we’d love to explore in the future,” says Lucy. 

Operating the top-of-the-line software means that Ad Works Media’s plans for growth and scalability are well underway. The team are looking to not just scale their number of screens, but also expand their media offering to include varied assets. 

Interactive and dynamic capabilities are on the radar, with plans to adopt advanced out-of-home technology that make campaign execution memorable and impactful. Using a digital signage software provider like Broadsign will enable Ad Works Media to take these vital steps towards growth. Other plans include expanding into commercial and retail spaces in addition to a robust roadside network. Finally, through Broadsign’s reporting capabilities, customers benefit from a detailed campaign reports highlighting the fruits of their efforts, capturing audience data that provides in-depth insights to inform future campaigns. 

Poised for greatness in Papua New Guinea 

As one of the few DOOH providers in the market, Ad Works Media is leading the charge in helping brands and advertisers connect with audiences all across Papua New Guinea. It’s just the beginning—their number one priority is to solidify their position as the most trusted media partner in the region. There’s still a fair amount of educating clients to do—and other factors that make installing a wider network such as frequent power outages, which the team is working hard to ensure that its frequent power outages have minimal impact on operations. 

But Ad Works Media is optimistic for the future of DOOH in the region, counting on partners like Broadsign to help expand its operations. 

The team behind the agency saw the potential to develop it and have since grown to become the small nation’s most trusted innovative media owner.