OOH ads drive awareness and action for sports betting

December 20, 2022Kayla Caticchio

 Sports betting revenue is climbing as it becomes legal in more markets

Over 30 U.S. states have legalized sports betting as of 2022. Revenue for January-June 2022 totalled over $3 billion compared to $4.3 billion for all of 2021 and is expected to reach $7 billion by 2025, says Forbes. According to the OAAA, sports betting is also among the top 5 verticals for projected ad spend in 2023, driven by its legalization in more U.S. states. 

 U.S. consumers are engaging with OOH advertising around sports betting

Recent OAAA data found that 54% of U.S. consumers in cities of 1M+ have noticed OOH ads for sports betting and gambling, compared to 36% of the general population.

62% of U.S. consumers who saw ads for sports betting engaged in some way after seeing the OOH ads, with sharing information word-of-mouth being the most common engagement.

Check out our infographic for unique ways sports betting advertisers can leverage OOH to drive awareness for platforms, increase player bets and subscriptions, and boost omnichannel campaigns.

Kayla Caticchio
Kayla Caticchio

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