Retailers turn to Digital OOH to drive foot traffic and boost sales as consumers return to in-store shopping

September 28, 2022Kayla Caticchio

Retail OOH ads are getting noticed

 The retail sector is doubling down on its OOH investment, with a 29% increase in US OOH media spend in Q2 2022 vs. last year. And for good reason: 42% of consumers notice OOH ads more than pre-pandemic levels, with 63% finding retail ads most relevant. (Source: OAAA via Media Post & The Harris Poll Insights).

Back-to-school shoppers are spending more

 75% of 2022 BTS shoppers plan to spend more than they did last year, and 68% say they’ll be looking at OOH ads regarding special offers and sales to make purchasing decisions. (Source: OAAA).

OOH generates better results than other media channels

 When it comes to driving consumer action, OOH is more impactful than other channels based on its share of ad spend, with 41% of consumers using a search engine and 33% searching social media or visiting a website following ad exposure. (Source: OAAA & Comscore)

Check out our infographic for unique ways retail marketers can leverage OOH to drive brand awareness, lift sales, and boost omnichannel executions.  


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