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Justine Laurier
Digital Campaign Manager

For a campaign manager that has progressed in the digital world, it is great to know that we can try outdoor advertising the same way we would launch a Facebook campaign, as an example. When it comes to choosing audiences as well as buying inventory, it's familiar ground. It opens so many new, unexpected doors!

Alexandre Cholette
Media Placement Manager

What used to take hours to plan and execute was reduced to minutes with Broadsign Ads. The ease of use, which mimics online ad buying platforms, and its powerful DOOH targeting and scheduling features were a game-changer for us.

Marcie Cerillo
Brandmaster manager

The availability of screen level data allows us to tailor each campaign for maximum impact. It is easy to onboard any team member to the Broadsign Ads buying platform, fast to roll out a new campaign or modify a current one, and the dedicated team support and service are just beyond amazing.

Ryan Popowich
Director of marketing and promotions

Broadsign Ads gives us the power to display our digital out-of-home campaigns the way we want to, when we want to. The only thing we regret is not getting started sooner!

Aline Dubois

The Broadsign Ads platform was so easy to use. As a small business, we did not expect billboards to be so easy and accessible.

Peter Caira

Broadsign Ads was a no-brainer for us to reach people in our community. We know exactly who we're targeting, focusing on the neighbourhoods and buildings that we wanted. We got feedback from people who saw the ads. It resulted in a 12.8 % increase in foot traffic compared to last year.

Keri Thomas
Media Supervisor

To execute a campaign of this magnitude we needed a DSP that could deliver on ease of use and transparency - and Broadsign Ads performed above and beyond our expectations thanks to its numerous capabilities and capacity to streamline the DOOH-specific workflow. Furthermore, collaborating with Broadsign Ads' team of programmatic digital-out-of-home experts meant seamless execution from start to finish.

Access premium DOOH inventory with complete screen transparency

Know exactly what you're buying when booking screens for your campaigns. Set your campaign parameters and select screen types based on data points like audiences, environments, and proximity to points of interest. Broadsign Ads provides full visibility into screen-level data, helping you maximize campaign performance with the best inventory.

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Activate flexible, targeted campaigns at the right price

With Broadsign Ads' smart bidding algorithm, you can be sure we're delivering your targeted impressions in the most cost-effective, buyer-friendly way.

Reach ideal audience segments at the right time and place

Target audiences in real-time with DOOH ads that capture attention wherever your audience may be. Broadsign Ads taps into dynamic mobile data, so you can easily target venues with the highest concentration of your desired audience segments.

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Spotlight on great campaigns

Downtown Toronto & Montréal
location type
Office towers elevators and lobbies
mobile audience
Business, Administration & Finance
Working days only

3.76 M

By matching postal code and area of delivery
location type
College, University
75k - 200k +
White Collar

210 K

Near advertising agencies in Montreal
location type
Restaurants, Bars
mobile audience
Trendy, Hipster
Happy Hour: Wed, Thurs, and Fri

340 K

In major Canadian cities
location type
mobile audience
Evening rush hour

26 M

In major Canadian cities
location type
Street Levels
mobile audience
Flight shoppers, Travel shoppers
Morning and evening rush hours

4.4 M

Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
location type
Billboards, Office Buildings, Malls, Grocery
mobile audience
Tech & Gadget Enthusiasts
18-24 year olds

100 M

24 cities across Quebec
location type
Urban Panels, Bus Shelters, Billboards
Wide variety of demographics

3 M

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